We should have known, you guys. When news of the Suns’ new-ish logos and more NBA teams getting sleeved jerseys broke on the same day, we should have known they’d be one of the alleged five sleeved teams. We should have been able to logic that one out. I’m sorry I botched it.

Nonetheless, some words. From the Arizona Republic:

The Suns are among at least five NBA teams who will be wearing an alternate uniform with sleeved jerseys next season, and the change evidently doesn’t have much to do with cutting-edge fashion.

OK fine, some teams are getting sleeved jerseys. Why wouldn’t it be the team who is obviously in the middle of a step-by-step rebrand? Seems obvious in hindsight.

Not everyone is excited though. This is a tweet from Suns point guard Kendall Marshall from less than a week ago.

pleeease NOT us — RT @SLAMonline: Up to Five NBA Teams Reportedly Will Wear Sleeved Jerseys Next Season  #NBA

Whoops. He’s trying to cover his tracks, but still, whoops. This isn’t as bad as, I don’t know, the best and most famous player on the only team who has worn sleeved jerseys calling them ugly, but it’s not a good look to have players on your team tweeting about how they don’t want sleeved jerseys right before your team gets sleeved jerseys. Maybe not the best way to get fans pumped for the new kits.

That being said, I’m excited to see the Suns’ new sleevers, whenever they come out. After re-doing the court last year, wearing the black 90s retros a few times during the season, then updating their logos this summer, these new sleevemonsters are going to be the first taste we get of whatever the Suns are planning for their new look. Judging by what’s come to pass recently, I wouldn’t be surprised to see quite a bit of black involved, which might be cool. (Though I will admit that even the idea of a sports team who plays in the desert adding fabric to their uniforms has me sweating — WOO — just thinking about it, even if they are mesh.)

At the very least, they will be new, which is a step in the right direction. Considering this itty bitty anecditty, that’s something.

Jerry Colangelo paid $400 for the team’s originial “sunburst” logo design, and the team kept it and the same lettering for 24 years.

The Suns got their original logo back in 1968, then updated in 1991, when they got the pre-border version of the logo they’ve had ever since (the grey border was added in 2000). This is a franchise that does not change looks very often, which is probably why they’re still wearing uniforms that look like they were designed to immediately be put in a Y2K time capsule. Slowly but surely they are working their way towards not having one of the worst uniforms in the NBA. The sleeved jerseys might be a disaster, but at least they are a change. That’s encouraging.