Or perhaps you would like to see some legit tumbling sneakers.

I have a few questions about this. One, did all of these people — there seems to be about four to six pairs up there — bring spare shoes just to throw at Mike Miller? Or were these shoes being worn immediately prior to being tossed on stage, and now there are a bunch of Shoeless Joe Jacksons running around Miami? Or was this a setup, since as Mike Miller says, those are “all [his] shoes?” If these shoes do indeed belong to fans, did they get them back? And of course, is there any way to avoid George Bush jokes after something like this happens?

This is just the tip of the thrown shoe iceberg.

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  1. Trey, They dont wear shoes in Miami. its either bare feet or flip flops

  2. ^ I can confirm, I am Miami.

  3. I would like to let everyone know that the person above me posing as Miami is an impersonator and should not be trusted. Not everyone in Miami wears flip flops or has bare feet. The old people wear velcro New Balances.

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