If I were a scout working on a Nerlens Noel report right now, I’d list Social Media Integration as a strength. Because he is already making pro moves before even setting foot on an NBA court.

From’s All Ball blog:

One of the top picks in this year’s Draft looks to be Kentucky big man Nerlens Noel. And while he waits to find out which team will be drafting him, he’s currently figuring out what to wear. Which is where you come in.

Nerlens has his choices narrowed down to three suits, pictured below. The first two looks are by Jhoanna Alba, and the third is by Roger Mischel. All three look great, but Nerlens can only rock one on draft night. Cast your vote down below and tune into the 2013 NBA Draft on Thursday night at 7:00 ET on ESPN to see the winning look.

That’s right — Nerlens Noel is letting the internet pick what he wears to draft night. It’s genius, if only because it takes the two most important things to becoming an NBA notable — being in to fashion and using the internet — and combines them. It’s like the 2013 NBA equivalent of inventing Goober. And he’s got the flattop? What an internet ready kind of fellow.

Personally, I voted for the second choice, the light grey number. It’s summer, so NerDog can afford to lighten things up a bit. Not to mention, the overall blueness of this look hints at his Kentucky background (all of 24 games), while not being quite as obvious about it as the third look. I think we can all agree the first outfit is a bit too Andy Bernard for a potential No. 1 draft pick.

So go vote, if only because it is hilarious that choosing an NBA player’s draft night suit is a thing that can happen now. It’s just too bad we can’t force him to make an eternally regrettable mistake.

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  1. NBA uploaded a video of Nerlins getting a haircut. It’s very important how he looks on draft day

  2. How is this blog still on the score?

  3. I’m hoping look 3 means he’s going barefoot.

  4. Option #1 is classy

  5. I never would have thought that suits for freakishly skinny seven footers would look so weird.

  6. he should choose what jalen rose wore on his draft night

  7. I wonder if he thinks the Magic are going to draft him.

    • That was my first thought as well. You don’t wear these colours if you think the Cavs are picking you.

  8. option #2 is the best. I hope he wears blue socks to match his tie!

  9. Totally against the ticket pocket. I can see the first two suits have it, does the third?

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