You don’t see a lot of signature basketball shoes released in the summer, but then again, you also don’t see a lot of signature basketball shoes that are inspired by watches and come with their own trailer either. Nonetheless, all three of those things are true, as Nike is rolling out Kevin Durant’s sixth signature shoe, the KD VI, in anticipation of their release July 3.


As you might have noticed, those shoes aren’t Oklahoma City Thunder colors. Instead, the colorway that’s being shown off today is based on Durant’s time with the Seat Pleasant Lakers, a club team he played on as a kid. Personally, I’m happy it happened like this because a) I think this edition looks really dope and b) Nike usually releases the KD line with the black version of Durant’s Thunder shoes, which is usually the worst version of any KDs. These ones are awesome, mostly because they look like an Australian soccer shoe. Very good.

Since this is a new Nike signature shoe, they’re updated with all the latest technology that will make them thinner, lighter and more cushioned. And also since they’re a Nike signature shoe, they’re going to be releasing in a bunch of different colorways. But if you don’t like those, they’re already on NikeID, so go nuts.

But it’s not just these that are releasing. No, Kevin Durant is such a big name now that he now gets a streetwear version of his shoes. That’s the first time that’s happened with the KD line, and it seems there are still a few kinks to be ironed out.


I like the idea, I like the colors, I even like the polka dots — but nope. I know the jeans-tucked-in-to-giant-tongues look is big right now, but these just look impractical, stiff and heavy. The actual basketball shoes make up for these, so I’m going to let it slide since this Nike Sportswear version is just a minor release anyways. Let’s just forget I even mentioned it.

But yeah, these are the shoes you’ll see Kevin Durant in all season long, at least until he gets a new playoff shoe. They come out July 3 and retail for $130. There are a few more pictures after the jump, so let’s hear what you think in the comments.

nike-kd-vi-side nike-kd-vi-top nike-kd-vi-bottom

Comments (10)

  1. Colorway is a slap in the face of Seattle by Nike. RIP Sonics

    • Maybe thats a slap in the face so Seattle, but if KD’s wearing Sonics colors, I’m happy! I think OKC shoud be more upset about this tan Sonics fans.

  2. Should have linked the other commercial for them too Trey.

    Had me laughing.

  3. Lebron wears high tops and wins championships, KD wears low tops and breaks his ankle

  4. Can we just start calling him Clockwork now? Much better than Durantula.

    • that would seriously be the best nickname of this decade. I mean, “clockwork” man that is some 70ies stuff. awesome.
      also, these shoes are really really great. I still play in my super old and1s but I’m thinking about getting me some kds now. the sonics-y colourway is also sweet (and kinda cruel but I’ve made my peace with it by now)

  5. Stop hating mfs those shoes are dope and k.d. is a great player.

  6. Very early to mid 2000s Air Maxish from what I recall.

  7. Is this a joke? There’s no ankle support. How many kids who buy these are gonna get rollie pollies on the court?

  8. These joints bangin

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