It was a draft for the ages, especially for a Sixers fan like myself who will be in mourning for the next several months (and probably most of next season) before the funeral hopefully turns into a party, New Orleans style, some four to six seasons down the road. The action at the draft was insane, though the actual crazies didn’t quite come out to Barclays Center the way they had to Prudential in years past. Maybe having to trip out to Jersey weeded out the normals in years past, but this year, but there were no signs, little face-paint, only one or two weird homemade jerseys. Still, you can’t have an NBA draft without at least a handful of colorful characters, and these were the colorfulest that I ran into in the hours leading up to the epic drama of Stern’s Last Stand. If you see them on the street today, congratulate or console them, depending.


Sheed’s back with the Pistons now, guy. Quit living in the past.


I saw a surprising number of dudes in Holiday jerseys throughout the evening, though only one Swaggy P repper. Who would’ve guessed the Young jersey would be the one more likely to stay relevant by night’s end?


Poor kid. From Massachusetts, said he went to the same school as Nerlens. Even if you could somehow scotch tape “NOEL” in to “BENNETT,” it probably wouldn’t feel the same.

old-pistons-jerseys-front-au old-pistons-jerseys-au

“REPRESENTING THE TEAL!” they yelled. Always.


I asked them where they thought Oladipo and Zeller would go, they said “2, 4.” I laughed, but it ended up being just about the only correct prognostication made by anyone on draft night.


A lot of bearded Blazers fans out there, and none of them want to trade LaMarcus Aldridge to the Cavs.


Hopefully those “Sidorov” and “Paranhos” seats stayed unoccupied for the evening. AFLAK!

old-john-wall-jersey-front-au old-john-wall-jersey-au

No good signs at the draft, but this Wizards superfan was insistent on holding up his … towel? scarf? … for the entire pre-draft. He wanted Otto Porter, so I guess it all paid off in the end.


Some night out on the town that Petrovic, Rodman, and BrooklyKnight must’ve had after all was said and down at Barclays.

mustache-bros-au cliff-paul-au

As part of the never-ending State Farm Chris/Cliff Paul promotion, mustaches were given out at one booth so that you could play your own insurance-selling alternate identity. Consequently, there were a whole lot of random folks with mustaches walking around Barclays last night, which must’ve made just a whole lotta sense to anyone who DVRs through commercials.


His confusion over my question about if the Raptors should trade Bargnani in the offseason leads me to believe it’s been a couple years since he’s actually watched Andrea in action. (Not to mention the fact that he’s still wearing an Andrea Bargnani jersey.)

shawn-kemp-jersey-au gonzaga-jersey-au

In lieu of an actual Seattle team, this guy was there to support his Gonzaga boy Kelly Olynyk. He hoped Olynyk would go to the Sixers, describing him as a “more mobile Spencer Hawes,” thus resulting in my spending the rest of the night wondering what a “less-mobile Spencer Hawes” would look and behave like.bucks-fans-au

So rare you find three Bucks fans in the same place, much less three as multi-colored as these. They wanted Shabazz Muhammad in the draft and no J.R. Smith in free agency, so here’s hoping for everyone involved they end up going 1-for-2.


Sunglasses indoors, kid? Only the draftees can get away with that.


Says he’s not a Lakers fan, believe it or not.


My “scorecard” for the night. I’m sure I’ll look back on it fondly when the Noel/MCW-led Sixers are playing the Len/Nedovic-led Suns in the 2017 NBA Finals. Memories!