In the Bobcats’ arena, no less. That’s so Bobcats.

(via Reddit/Did Charlotte Win?)

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  1. I love the one goofy white guy clapping.

  2. This one is gold.

  3. Charlotte fans forgot what happiness is

  4. It was supposed to be outside in Charlotte but a thunderstorm forced the draft party into the Time Warner Cable arena. That’s not where it was planned to be

  5. Most surprising part about this video is the number of people who were actually there.

  6. A couple things I like from this. One guy there was repping a Crash jersey. Sweet. I think the Bobcats fans may be embracing their whole “Worst Franchise to Play For” reputation and just giving it the the young guy (yea he’s not there, but he will see the video). Lastly, I love how they’re booing a Zeller brother. Those guys suck.

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