Thanks to NBA rules, the huge Garnett-Pierce-Terry to Brooklyn trade can’t become official until July 10. And that means that the people who care most about the trade can’t talk about it for another couple of weeks. That’s why we get things like Nets GM Billy King saying “Mason (Plumlee) gives us a better shot” while giggling when asked if “the events of today made [the Nets] a title contender?”

Jason Kidd was equally smiley in his praise of Plumlee, which wasn’t really about Plumlee.

Between getting drafted, an NBA GM saying his acquisition might make his team a title contender, and one of the best point guards ever saying he was “the best player … at that spot,” this must have been the best day of Mason Plumlee’s life. They say any press is good press, so I guess any compliments are good compliments, even if they come when the people saying them are really trying to talk about something else. When Kevin Garnett is screaming in his face from three inches away, let’s hope young Mason can remember last night. Everyone needs a happy place.