This is one of those things that happens by accident. I was just looking at NBA draft pictures, when I stumbled across Kings’ second round draft choice Ray McCallum looking like no body art Matt Barnes, himself a former second round pick who later played for the Kings. At first I thought I was crazy, but then I put Barnes’ tattoos, mustache and goatee on McCallum and then whoa.


And it works the other way too.


Barnes’ eyes are a little squintier and he’s got fancier hair, but other than that, if you were to set Matt Barnes to default appearance mode and subtract about a foot of height, you’d pretty much just have Ray McCallum. The more you know.

Comments (9)

  1. more like shannon brown.

  2. The Kings PG actually looks like the younger Blake Griffin in those KIA commercials

  3. The blog title/photoshop combo leads one to believe that Matt Barnes’ facial hair is also tattooed on. How very careless.

  4. fake hairline and everything

  5. I love you guys, but to the extent that these two really don’t look like each other in the least bit, this is vaguely racist. I really don’t see it at all. Eyes are substantially different, noses are substantially different, ears are substantially different, lips are substantially different. Maybe the bone structure? Maybe? I’m stretching it with that one because I’m really trying to see what y’all are seein, but I just don’t. Commenter who said Shannon Brown though, I definitely see that.

    • Nah, it’s not racist to think two people look alike, even if they *might* have the same ethnicity and even if others don’t agree. It’s racist to intentionally not hire someone because of their ethnicity (as one example). Or if Trey pointed out that he felt that everyone in a particular ethnicity shared the same personality trait or was prone toward a certain behavior. He just picked two specific people and said he thinks they look alike. Ease up.

  6. WhiIe I really don’t see any similarities at all, the charge of racism was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I’m not at all offended, just very perplexed.

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