Sometimes in the offseason, basketball videos don’t even have to be NBA videos to be blog-worthy. Like, for instance, when R. Kelly plays pickup ball at Jamie Foxx’s house at 5am on a Monday morning after the BET Awards and you get to write a headline like “R. Kelly drains halfcourt shot to win a pickup game at Jamie Foxx’s house.” That’s one of those times when you’re going to see a non-NBA video on an NBA blog.

That time is now. He’s the world’s greatest.

(via Complex)

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  1. rkelly with the crips all day

  2. My buddy saw him playing pick-up at Syracuse, said he was the worst guy on the court by far

  3. Cocain’s a helluva drug

  4. They were guarding him so tight he musta been raining all game.

  5. He went from being trapped in a closet to draining 3′s in double coverage.

  6. Did he pee on Jamie afterward?!

  7. He could had hit that girl he pissed on from half court too.

  8. You could say the shot “spashed”!

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