A couple of pieces of background information that is necessary to enjoy this post:

  1. In New Zealand, they apparently call basketball jerseys “singlets.”
  2. Recent Oklahoma City Thunder draft pick Steven Adams is from New Zealand.

Now that you know this stuff, we can get on with the post. From Fairfax NZ News:

New Zealand’s 2.13-metre-tall NBA draftee has chosen to wear the number 12 on his new team’s jersey, because he was the 12th draft pick, but adidas has no plans to release an Adams playing singlet.

Adidas New Zealand spokesperson Josie Tapper said though the company was confident Adams singlets would sell out in the country, adidas NZ had no say over whether a jersey would be made available for sale.

“It’s very unlikely that there will be a Steven Adams singlet.

“We’d love to get them in, that would be awesome.”

This is too bad. Maybe I am crazy, but I kind of feel like that there should be a special jersey provision included in the collective bargaining agreement, wherein if a country has a single player active in the NBA, whomever makes the league’s jerseys should be obligated to sell that player’s jersey in his home country, even if only in limited quantities. The economics of it might not make sense, but it just seems like the nice thing to do. I mean, I’m sure every Swedish person who cares about basketball would love to rock a Jonas Jerebko jersey or singlet, given the chance. It might be expensive to produce a relatively small number of one kind of jersey, but ike the adidas NZ rep said, they’d surely sell out.

Luckily if you’re a New Zealander who is dying for a Steven Adams jersey, there are multiple options for custom jerseys available online. Just pop an “Adams 12″ on the back of that and you’re smiling, woo. If enough people do that, maybe them someone will be like, “This is a crazy amount of pseudo official bootleg Steven Adams headed to New Zealand. Someone tell Adam Silver.” Next thing you know, legit singlets are showing up all around the country. I don’t know if this is actually possible, but you have to admit it sounds logical. We have to believe. #SingletforSteven