As I’ve said every time I’ve watched a Team Flight Brothers video — how bad must a guy be at basketball to be this athletic and still not a highly sought-after NBA prospect? Probably pretty bad. But that’s fine, because former Memphis Tiger and current Miami Heat Summer League invitation-getter D.J. Stephens can jump very high and dunk very easily, which will always be cool. I mean, there are hundreds of guys actually in the NBA, but how many have the highest vertical on record at the draft combine? Just one, and I’ll let you guess who it is.

(via BDL)

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  1. These guys came to my undergrad to do a show and stuck around to play some pickup afterwards. From my impression, it seems like dunking is about the only thing they can really do, although that’s a tough thing to stop if you’re just a group of scrappy undergrads (As I remember, they basically just cut in from the wings looking for alleys every possession). That said, those games were wayyyyy to close for me to believe that there was NBA-level talent on the other side.

  2. What’s up with the judge holding the 9 and the 10?

  3. A friend of mine has long said NBA half times should be filled with dunk contests and fellers like the Team Flight Brothers, instead of the creepy acrobats that seem to infest NBA arenas. I can’t disagree with him, but I do enjoy the occasional young lady spinning plates on pool cues routine.

  4. Yea, but can he dunk?

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