Well, I just found out exactly what I’m going to be doing all weekend. I kind of wish we’d all known about this before Fourth of July celebrations — because then we’d have so many pump fake victims — but the freakin’ weekend will work just fine. I’m kind of worried my arms are going to be exhausted, but it’ll be worth it. Dwyane Wade knows what I’m talking about.

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  1. When does the blog chance address?

  2. Boring…………….

  3. Dwight bait. Playing up the the big man’s goofiness, crafty.

  4. pretty sure that’s seth curry passed out on the couch. He really needs to step up his defensive intensity.

  5. My favorite goblin. Hope he doesn’t break his ankles or tweaks an ab muscle doing these triple threat stances

  6. this is not even funny

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