Over the course of the next week, Andrew Unterberger will be counting down the 100 best things that happened from opening night to the start of the offseason in the NBA year that was. Read on and live the greatest plays, games, photos, performances, celebrations, quotes, fights, achievements and fashion statements from the 2012-13 season, and begin counting down the long, lonely days and nights before the National Basketball Association is once again upon us.

100. That Kent Bazemore / Stephen Curry picture

99. LeBron tackling the halfcourt-shot maker

98. Spurs-Grizzlies, Game 3

97. Reggie Evans’ 22-point, 26-board game

96. Kyrie & Dion go nuts against the Clippers

95. J.R. Smith’s halfcourt buzzer-beater & crazy celebration

94. Jrue Holiday’s takeover game vs. Toronto

93. Shaq’s number gets retired … backwards

92. Z-Bo vs. Kendrick Perkins

91. Tracy McGrady: “Is a pig’s p—y pork?”


90. Rudy Gay’s first game-winner for Toronto

89. Kobe gets to 30,000 (and then 31,000)

88. Damian Lillard’s game-winner against the Hornets

87. DeMar DeRozan over Timofey Mozgov

86. LeBron’s weird new celebration dance

85. Nik Vucevic’s 20-rebound first half

84. Golden State shoots 65 percent against Denver in Game 2

83. Larry Sanders’ triple-double

82. Kevin Durant’s block and dunk over Chris Kaman

81. Celtics vs. Nets FITE!

80. Mavs’ late-season comeback against Bulls

79. Celtics-Knicks almost-comeback in Game 6

78. Kyrie vs. Kobe

77. Ref blocks Kris Humphries’ shot

76. Kobe blocks LeBron to end All-Star Game

75. Gallinari’s circus shot and-one

74. Monta Ellis’ rim-in buzzer-beater vs. Houston

73. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist over Greg Monroe

72. Spurs-Thunder, season opener

71. Nicolas Batum’s 5×5 game

70. Kevin Durant on Marcin Gortat

69. Heat-Spurs, regular season Pt. 2

68. “No second question? I’m hurt!”

67. Andrew Bynum’s neighbor counter-suit


66. Chris Bosh’s postgame interview photo bomb

65. Joe Johnson’s “That was real and it was spectacular” game-winner

64. Nuggets-Bulls crazy OT ending

63. Dallas Mavericks’ .500 beards

Dirk's "beard"

62. Harrison Barnes on Nikola Pekovic

61. Deron Williams’ nine threes in first half

Check back for part two tomorrow.