Over the course of this week, Andrew Unterberger will be counting down the 100 best things (here are Nos. 100-61) that happened from opening night to the start of the offseason in the NBA year that was. Read on and live the greatest plays, games, photos, performances, celebrations, quotes, fights, achievements and fashion statements from the 2012-13 season, and begin counting down the long, lonely days and nights before the National Basketball Association is once again upon us.

60. Byron Mullens over LaMarcus Aldridge

59. Kobe Bryant over Josh Smith

58. Heat vs. Nuggets, early season

57. The JaVale McGee-Andrew Bogut postseason dunk wars

56. Rockets try to set three-point record against GSW, Warriors aren’t having it

55. The Birdman championship picture


54. John Wall’s 47-point game

53. Kevin Durant’s Game 1 game-winner against Memphis

52. Stephen Jackson vs. Serge Ibaka


51. Trevor Ariza’s airball dagger

50. Kyrie crosses over Brandon Knight during Rising Stars Challenge

49. Rockets-Lakers season closer

48. Blake Griffin’s GIMME DAT block on Deron Williams

47. Kobe Bryant, Point Guard

46. “The Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse”

45. “You trying to get the pipe?”


44. Bulls-Heat Game 1

43. “MontaEllaHaveitall!”

42. JaVale McGee’s self alley-oop & finger moustache

41. Russell Westbrook vs. Rocky

Check back for 40-21 tomorrow.