What is Chris Paul drawing?


That right there is a picture of Chris Paul signing his big, new contract with the Los Angeles Clippers. Neato.

But what it also is is an opportunity, a Photoshop opportunity. Because when I see that giant white piece of paper with a Chris Paul pen on top of it, it just feels natural to want to put something on it. Which is why I’m asking everyone to help figure out what exactly Chris Paul is drawing with his son.

My suggestion:


It’s Chris Paul drawing a picture of Chris Paul signing his contract which continues on forever. It’s very MCP3 Escher, and I’m pretty sure you could sell this in an auction house for anywhere from $5 to $7, depending on if you found the right investor or not.

This is the idea though — take that original Chris Paul picture, throw something silly on his paper and put it in the comments. Eventually, we’ll get to the bottom of this drawing mystery.