Jimmy Butler wore an offensive t-shirt about a year ago — offensive for its contents, not just because it looks like something a tween would buy at Hot Topic and Jimmy Butler is 22 — but since he made pals with Miley Cyrus it started circulating again and now he’s had to apologize. Yes, this is what happens in the NBA in 2013.

The t-shirt apology, as per Butler’s Twitter feed:

In regards to the picture that is circulating… It was early last year and the shirt simply matched my shoes. In no way do I support the message written on the shirt. I sincerely apologize to any of my fans who may have been offended. Much love, JB.

Ah yes, the classic “my shirt matched my shoes” defense. Sure, it opens up questions like “If you don’t support the message on the shirt then why did you buy it?” and “As a grownup, why did you buy that shirt at all?” and “I thought you were a country music fan, but you’re wearing a bad rap shirt?,” but it’s still a solid defense, especially in this post-swag NBA world we’re living in. I mean, looking fly comes first in the NBA these days, so it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that a Lil’ Boosie hair-alike would shoutout a fellow Louisiana rapper.

Then again, there is an easier way to avoiding these sort of hijinks. And that would be to pick different shoes. Yeah, I know you’re thinking he should just have just not bought the shirt — because look at it — but since he already has it, if he skips over his “Pussy, Women & Weed” shoes every time he’s picking out an outfit, he won’t ever have to apologize for this again. It’s simple logic, but it makes sense. Unlike the thought process behind buying that shirt.

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  1. I just assumed he was professing his love for cats, investing, and wild flowers. No need to apologize for that.

  2. So his shoes said the same thing?

  3. Man, I used to really like this blog. Hell, I followed you guys here from Yahoo Sports. But this is dumb. It’s getting really old hearing about how players can’t wear this or that. And then he apologizes (which he shouldn’t have to do) and now you nitpick his apology? God damn, I know the summer is slow for basketball reporting, but who gives a shit. You know where else I’ve seen that shirt? Everywhere. It’s amazing how ten years or so difference in a persons age is like a generational gap now. I really hate how nostalgic the early-mid 30s crowd is now, though maybe I’m being nostalgic thinking there was a time where 30 somethings weren’t nostalgic.

    Anyway, fuck fashion and apology analysis, fuck circulating photos, and fuck pseudo-controversy. You really wanna write something interesting? Research the shirt, the song, and if there’s any correlation between it and any potential rise in modern interest in Outkast. Hell, you could do an entire story researching samples, recycled beats, etc. and what that does for the sampled artist (besides royalties of course). But then again, that would require a music journalist, and lord knows they’re busy pursuing leads on the musical equivalent of a story like this. Hurray for journalism :(

    • Man, JVLZBVRN really ain’t about that life no more eh?

      TBJ is a blog (not a literary journal) about basketball and occasionally popular culture. If you want the correlation between fashion and modern interest in older hiphop acts try Complex. They turn out that kind of tripe non-stop.

    • tl; dr
      cliff’s notes version:
      I hate myself
      I wish this funny basketball site was about serious music.

    • Don’t listen to the simpletons responding who can’t comprehend what you’re saying. Even for a ‘blog’, this is just retarded. Trey was either drunk or he’s real ignorant.

      ‘…he won’t ever have to apologize again…’

      HE DOESN’T HAVE TO NOW. It’s really hard to respect people who think professional athletes need to be parented by society.

    • You must be fun at parties

    • You really don’t see the humor in explaining his shirt choice by saying that ” the shirt simply matched my shoes”?

    • It sounds like you’re looking for a more serious blog. And also, a music blog.

  4. Because of course, when I find a shirt in my closet that says “PUSSY MONEY & WEED’, the first thing I will think of is “Man, this matches my shoes!”.

  5. He shouldn’t have to apologize for wearing it because the apology is (as always for athletes these days it seems) empty. He can’t be that sorry about it if he owns the shirt in the first place…

  6. The irony is that wearing the shirt publicly makes it, in that domain, harder to acquire any one of those three things.

  7. Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with owning a shirt like that? The guy likes these three things. Problem?

    • See above – unnecessary sartorial obstacle. The only apology he owed was to himself for opportunity cost.

  8. Can anyone prove that the shirt wasn’t in opposition to those things? Credulous Jesus-freaks are a dime-a-dozen in the NBA…. was not “just say ‘no’” or “disapproved in the NAME OF THE LOAAHHHD!!” printed on the back?

  9. cool Tshirt though

  10. Isn’t that just, like, a tan shirt? That was really the only combo he could come up with for his wardrobe? Dude needs more options.

  11. asaaaaaaaaaaaaaap

  12. Dude on the left looks like DeMarcus Cousins’ Mini-Me! :-)

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