Just for fun, here are listed heights for these five Rockets centers, per Basketball-Reference:

  • Yao Ming — 7-foot-6
  • Ralph Sampson — 7-foot-4
  • Dwight Howard — 6-foot-11
  • Hakeem Olajuwon — 7-foot-0
  • Elvin Hayes — 6-foot-9

Looking at that picture and knowing, as Ethan Sherwood Strauss has pointed out, that Dwight Howard’s draft measurements put him at 6-foot-9 and that he looks about the same height as Elvin Hayes (6-foot-9) and maybe an inch shorter than Hakeem Olajuwon, who most people agree is really 6-foot-10, how tall do you think Dwight Howard really is? I’d wager on 6-foot-9 but I wouldn’t put it past Dwight to choose one height then switch to another then go back to his original then maybe change to a whole new height because it fits him better. You get it.

(via Justin Verrier)

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  1. I like that Yao’s height doesn’t really need to be fudged because his height can be described as “holy shit yeah that guy is indisputably tall.”

  2. Ol’ Ralph Sampson is looking a little more than 2″ shorter than Yao as well.

  3. Yeah, Dwight is definitely only 6’9″. Draft Express knows their stuff. Also Yao is so gigantic. Holy hell.

  4. Yeah but seriously, the fact that a guy 6’9″ can dress so well is amazing.

  5. Looking at this photo as brought up something I always wondered, how was Yao Ming not the most dominant player in NBA history? The dude has the same stats as Earl Boykins for Christ sake.

    • 19-9-2 is nothing to sneeze at, especially when at per 36 rates it’s more like 21-10-2 with a 52-83 split. If Yao had legs that weren’t made of paper mache (and let’s be fair, that’s not likely considering how much strain they were under – I would guess he was probably the second heaviest guy in the league after Shaq for most of his career), he would’ve by default been the best scoring big man in the game for at least five years. Bosh, Amare and Dirk are the only guys who’ve been in top ten in PPG in a season more than once in the last decade who are “bigs,” and none of them with the possible exception of Bosh are above-average defenders and rebounders.

    • It would be an intergalactic miracle if a man of Yao’s build could actually stay healthy enough to play out a full NBA career. It was already a planetary miracle that a man that size was as athletic and talented as he was. Asking for 15 seasons of good knees/ankles/feet is a bit much for a 7’6″ guy.

  6. Yao needed knees… Sweet pic though, too bad other teams don’t do this.

  7. man, this picture also shows how small Dwight’s head is. yao’s head is absolutely gigantic (no surprise there).

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