I know you are thinking that the title of this post is some kind of weird Mad Lib that is actually believable considering Tyson Chandler once said “anybody can wear” drop crotch pants, but I promise you it is 100 percent real. You see TyChan and his wife are in Australia right now, and they’re reporting back on their purchases for Style.com. Here’s what his wife, Kimberly, had to say:

While Down Under in Australia, Tyson and I discovered Alistair Trung in the bustling neighborhood of Paddington. Alistair is a Vietnamese-Aussie designer with a fresh take—his clothes transcending size, age, and gender. His boutique is a favorite among artists and those seeking original designs. We both hit the jackpot, walking away with matching drop-crotch pants and button-down tops. Alistair’s shop is located at 128 Oxford Street, Paddington.

There you go — Alistair Trung is Australia’s go-to place for matching men’s and women’s drop crotch pants and button down tops. I don’t know if this changes your shopping plans for the summer, but considering Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union also wear the same pants, it might be smart to get together with your significant other, go pants shopping and pick out something you both like. It’s the cool, new NBA thing to do. If you don’t match your pants to your main squeeze’s pants, you might as well not even wear pants. It’s that crucial.

Oh, and about the boomerang — they bought one. Here’s Tyson:

I was on a mission to find a vintage boomerang while vacationing with Kimberly in Australia. I found the boomerang and plenty more at 76 Mitchell Road, the antique and design center. This huge antique shopping mall had the feel of walking straight into a time warp, with pieces dating back to the 1800s.

I don’t think anybody would be surprised to find out you can buy vintage boomerangs in an Australian antique shop, but I thought it was important that you know I wasn’t lying earlier when I said Tyson Chandler and his wife bought all this stuff on their vacation. Now you know, which means we’re all a step closer to realizing that Tyson Chandler is one of the low-key renaissance men of the NBA. He takes pictures, matches pants with his wife, grows giant beards and dresses like a trendy Amish guy — what’s not to love?

(via Posting and Toasting)