Something like 50 million blog years ago during the blogazoic era, Derrick Rose vowed to return to the Chicago Bulls once he felt comfortable dunking off his surgically repaired left leg. That never happened during last season (even though it kind of happened during last season) but this summer HE IS BACK.

Just look at that elevation — his head is at the rim and he’s putting the ball between the legs before throwing it down. Sure, the rim he’s crushing on is only eight feet tall and almost every single NBA game is played on a 10-foot hoop, but still. At the very least, he’s ready to dominate a three-on-three league in La Grange that I played in a few years back. They’ve got 9-foot rims, but I have a feeling he can handle it. You’re next, full-size hoop.

(via TNLP)