If you were to pick one place for Dennis Rodman to be front and center, and you were looking for maximum hilarity, outside of a pulpit, the best place for pure laughs might be at a fashion show. Lucky for us, Dennis Rodman went to a fashion show. And since it was a fashion show, there were cameras. And since there were cameras, Dennis Rodman had his picture taken. A lot.

Here are some of those many, many pictures.


Feels like this is some kind of celebration picture for Dennis Rodman, like he’s worked his whole life to be able to sit front row at a fashion show while wearing track pants. This might very well be the culmination of some sort of lifelong dream for Dennis Rodman, but I’ll let you be the one to take a deep dive in to his nighttime rituals. Too scary.


As you can see, finally fulfilling this dream was a bit overwhelming for the Worm. Weird that he’d be so enamored by this after spending so much time in strip clubs that they gave him a hat, but I guess we all have different comfort zones. Maybe it was the amount of clothes that shocked him? I don’t know.


“Chicks, man.”


Of all these photos, this is by far my favorite. It’s just Dennis Rodman admiring the beauty of the female form in a scholarly manner, like how he does just about everything in his life. I look at this picture and I see an artist contemplating his next great work and definitely not a 52-year-old man leering at women half his age.


This is Dennis Rodman’s pointing bit. Though if you’re looking to give him some extra credit, maybe he’s making some sort of runway-air traffic controller joke. Pretty solid, actually.


He did it, you guys. He really did it. Dennis Rodman legitimately sat through a fashion show. Way to go, man.

(via Deadspin)