I know there have been explanations of how pelicans are fierce birds that get very angry, and I have even seen a pelican eat a pigeon, but I think we can all agree that it’s still going to be funny having a team named the Pelicans in the NBA next season. Sorry, but it just is.

Don’t believe me? Ask Jrue Holiday, one of the newest Pelicans. From Point Forward’s Ben Golliver:

“I mean, it’s funny, I’m not going to lie,” new point guard Jrue Holiday admitted Wednesday. “It’s funny saying it. ‘We’re the Pelicans.’ But I’ve said it about half a million times now, so I’m used to it.”

Jrue Holiday is both an NBA All-Star and a guy who is used to having a name people are confused by, so I think we can trust what he’s saying: Pelicans is funny. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a fearsome name eventually — we’ve all seen the part in “D2: The Mighty Ducks,” where the team starts saying where they’re from in the locker room and then beats Iceland to win the Junior Goodwill Games, in one of America’s greatest athletic triumphs of the past century — but it’s going to be pretty strange for a good part of their first season. I mean, there is probably a reason most teams are not named after non-birds-of-prey birds, right?

Just like when Stephen Curry officially ruled that the Warriors’ sleeved jerseys were “ugly” and we were all forced to agree, trusting Jrue Holiday is the right move here. Having come to the Pelicans from a team with a historical name like the Philadelphia 76ers, he’s so close to the situation that he’d have to know the difference between a classic name and one that is funny. So don’t feel bad laughing about the New Orleans Pelicans the first 500,000 times you say it. Jrue Holiday did just that and he’s one of the beaks of the franchise.

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  1. The Pelicans is kind of a silly name, but we’ll get used to it. I mean, the Knicks real name is Knickerbockers. They’re named after pants, and pants with the goofiest name possible. But we’ve gotten used to it and, fortunately, “Knicks” is better and rolls off the tongue.

    How about the Clippers? It’s a boat. That didn’t help their cause while toiling away as the worst franchise in sports the past three-plus decades. It’s cool now though, because the team is good, and it’s kind of cool because it’s different.

    What about the San Diego Padres? The San Diego Fathers? Bless me father, for I have sinned. I committed two errors in the third inning. But we’re used to it now too, and no one thinks anything of it. It also doesn’t feel so generic, so it’s nice.

    I personally like the Pelicans moniker, even though I thought it was a strange choice at first. It hearkens back to the early days of sports when teams weren’t just named after fierce animals. I like it because, again, it’s not generic. For example, I went to two colleges for undergrad and their mascots were “Wildcats” and “Bulldogs.” You can’t get any more generic than that.

    Actually, you want to know a seriously silly name for a team? The Raptors. A dinosaur, really? It’s like it was named by class of third graders. Must have been a close vote between that and Fartheads.

  2. “I mean, there is probably a reason most teams are not named after non-birds-of-prey birds, right?”

    There are a handful in other sports – Cardinals, Cardinals, Orioles, Blue Jays, Ducks, Ravens, Penguins – but I’d take Pelicans over, like, Razorsharks or some other “Hey, it sounds cool! Oh no, wait, it sounds like an arena football and/or minor league baseball team” name. Also think Brass would have worked (or Utah could have given back Jazz. Selfish jerks).

  3. I just hate animal names in general and I’ve got a serious case of the “Who cares?” I mean, is anyone “intimidated” when Ricky Rubio shows up in a teal jersey with a cartoon wolf on it? Just because it’s a wolf? Hell no. The most intimidating animals/predators are so overdone as sports mascots, they’ve become generic and completely meaningless. How many Lions/Hawks/Bears etc. teams are there out there? *Yawn*

    Give me regional history/culture/tradition over ferocious cartoon animals any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The Celtics! The Canadiens with the “H” on their crest for Les Habitants! The Yankees! etc. Those are the best franchise names. Make a connection to your city/fan base, not the animal kingdom. This isn’t the friggin Discovery Channel.

  4. Apparently its symbolic to the people there. After all the flooding and the hurricanes the pelicans were the one animal that stuck around. A symbol of strength and perseverance. Plus it’s the official bird of Louisiana.
    Sounds really weird but actually makes a lot of sense

  5. The name will be silly for the first little while, after which, the merchandise will catch on and no one will double take at “Pelicans” anymore.

  6. like 76ers is any better? what a dumb fuck

  7. Pelicans are more historic to that region then the year 1776. So based on your motive, it should be the other way around… Just because it’s new and different doesn’t mean it’s that crazy. We just live in an era of blogs and twitter and we all have to comment on it. Lets just say that the name Pelican will resinate with a city with that much pride in itself more then a hornet (an animal that doesn’t even exist in southern Louisiana). PS love you guys…

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