Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • In particular, his hair looks like the wispy, soft mane of a troll doll.
  • His buddy is in a Radio Shack shirt while eating at Potbelly’s, so maybe it’s a two-part costume that references Shaq’s time as a Radio Shack pitchman?
  • Could be a low-key callback to the first time people noticed his hair was getting unruly, which would basically mean that Andrew Bynum is wearing an Andrew Bynum costume.

Evidence against:

  • All of the troll dolls I remember had colorful hair.
  • Wispy hair likely just a byproduct of having his braids taken out.
  • Probably just a lunch break for Radio Shack bro. Hope he got The Wreck with giardiniera.
  • “Andrew Bynum is wearing an Andrew Bynum costume” is really just “Andrew Bynum is wearing clothes.”

Verdict: Can a person wear a costume of themselves? Unclear.

Comments (7)

  1. Wowwowow. Slow down. He better have gotten the Italian.

  2. The bobble head on the table doesn’t carry any weight at all here? Looks like Bynum might’ve been carrying it around.

  3. …cool ranch doritos?

  4. I don’t understand why, when you’re 7 ft tall and have to constantly duck for doorways, light fixtures, ceilings, etc. you would want to add 4-6 inches of Don King hair on top of your head.

    Is Andrew Bynum the next Amanda Bynes? They share initials, so I say yes. Bynum is just taller and a little more black, but soon or later he will also set his pants on fire and be arrested by the police – mark my words.

  5. Thanks Trey, would have been sad if this never ending riddle was not monitored in the off season.

  6. This photo reminds me of the classic Tas finishing line that was said by Trey, about how it is amazing to see how tall someone can be

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