Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • In particular, his hair looks like the wispy, soft mane of a troll doll.
  • His buddy is in a Radio Shack shirt while eating at Potbelly’s, so maybe it’s a two-part costume that references Shaq’s time as a Radio Shack pitchman?
  • Could be a low-key callback to the first time people noticed his hair was getting unruly, which would basically mean that Andrew Bynum is wearing an Andrew Bynum costume.

Evidence against:

  • All of the troll dolls I remember had colorful hair.
  • Wispy hair likely just a byproduct of having his braids taken out.
  • Probably just a lunch break for Radio Shack bro. Hope he got The Wreck with giardiniera.
  • “Andrew Bynum is wearing an Andrew Bynum costume” is really just “Andrew Bynum is wearing clothes.”

Verdict: Can a person wear a costume of themselves? Unclear.