Basically the only thing I remember about Benoit Benjamin is that he is not David Benoit, and even that took a lot of looking at Skyboxes and Upper Decks when I was a kid. Other than that, pretty much a clean slate, Benoit Benjamin-wise.

But here is something I wish I would have known about Benoit Benjamin while he was still playing. From a 2002 Sports Illustrated article on NBA posses:

What some other posse members do, however, is a mystery. When Benoit Benjamin, that notorious flake, was signed by the Vancouver Grizzlies in 1995, he arrived for a media session in a white limousine filled with friends. One wore a jacket emblazoned with the logos of every team for which Benjamin had played. The man introduced himself to Steve Frost, Vancouver’s p.r. director, as “the CEO” and handed Frost a business card that read simply: CEO. “CEO of what?” Frost asked.

“Benoit Benjamin Inc.,” the man responded. That was the last Frost saw of him. Thirteen games later Benjamin was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks, and one can only assume that the CEO added another logo to his jacket.

What do you think stock in “Benoit Benjamin Inc.” is worth these days? I’m not Mr. Financier, but would BBI stocks even be penny stocks? Do they have something lower than a penny stock, like maybe a button stock? If you tried to trade in your shares of BBI, would they just give you a bag of dog feces in return? There are a lot of financially-based joke questions to ask about this.

Another question I have — what happened to that Benoit Benjamin logo jacket? I’d throw an eBay bid on that bad rider for sure. Let me know.

(via Andrew Ungvari)