Hey man, do you like dribbling? Like really like dribbling? Fast dribbles, slow dribbles, low dribbles, high dribbles, spin dribbles, accident dribbles, kibble dribbles, squibble dribbles — all that stuff? If so, you’ll love to watch Tyreke Evans and Jamal Crawford doing some dribbling in a recent pro-am game. Just two of the dribblingest dribblers to ever dribble, dribbling right at each other’s dribbles. It’s a real smorgasbord of dribbling. A dribbgasbord, really.


(via Ball is Life)

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  1. LOL Tyreke crossing up some poor old man.

  2. …what can you say, gotta love jamal crawford and his constant heatchecking. he may not exactly “play the right way” but the dude’s just keeping it real: just like early vince carter, his game always looks like he’s playing in a drew-league-y pick up game. no matter what.

    ps I know this sounds insane but I’d love to see jamal crawford join the spurs, just for fun. can’t they make that happen, just to troll everyone? please?

  3. “Hey man, do you like dribbling? Like really like dribbling?….”

    It should be

    Do you hate passing? Like really hate passing to teammates? Can you do it all yourself?


    • More insane : Crawford is the one with the few highlight assists, not the guy who’s supposed to be PG…

  4. Jesus, Jamal Crawford is the best poet in America.

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