It seems like just yesterday that we were talking about Nate Robinson deciding to wear No. 10 for the Denver Nuggets because he loves using Lionel Messi in video games. It seems like that because it was indeed yesterday that we were talking about that.

But now we’re going to Paul Harvey this thing to give you the rest of the story, because the real Lionel Messi — not a video game avatar — has finally spoken on the matter. From his real Facebook page:

Hey man, what a great surprise to see you are using the number 10. Welcome to the ‪#‎10Team‬ – Nate Robinson, wishing you the best on your next season with the Nuggets ‪#‎NateBigFan‬

First and foremost, I can’t wait to use #NateBigFan any time the lil’ guy does something awesome next season. Assuming we all don’t forget about this by then, I can see that hashtag getting a lot of play. Good job, Lionel Messi.

And good job internet for making this whole thing possible. The best soccer player in the world is Facebooking about a professional basketball player who decided to wear his jersey number partly because of video games — considering Mark Zuckerberg didn’t single-handedly invent Facebook without any additional help until 2004, this is literally something that could not have happened 10 years ago. Plus, who knows when Nate Robinson got in to FIFA on whatever gaming system he uses? This could have been impossible three weeks ago, for all we know.

Of course, all we need now is to hear from every other diminutive No. 10 in the soccer world to see if they’re OK with Nate breaking in to their fraternity. I’ll get in touch with Wesley Sneijder, someone else get Wayne Rooney on the phone. Tell them it’s a standard hairplug check-in if you have to. We need an answer.

(via Dime)