The New Orleans Pelicans unveiled their uniforms today, and because they’re not the Brooklyn Nets and Jay-Z didn’t “design” their jerseys, they didn’t leak prior to the unveiling, which is truly amazing in this day and age. So just a few minutes ago, we had our actual first look at the league’s newest team. The results are somewhat better than fine.

My thoughts, in bullets:

  • Now that the Pelicans are rocking navy blue road unis, that makes 18 of 30 NBA teams who wear some shade of blue fairly regularly. This is because blue — whether it be navy, royal or baby — looks good on uniforms. It’s kind of a bummer that we have yet another blue-clad team, but that’s a hard color to mess up, so you can understand why that’d be the choice. But still, these are basically just those old Cavs alternates from the LeBron era.
  • Super bummer that “Pelicans” isn’t across the chest of either of these. If you have a weird team name, embrace it.
  • That “New Orleans” on the chest is hilariously small. Maybe up-size that font to a 72-point next time around.
  • The embellished font used on the numbers obviously has to do with old timey New Orleans writing, but when you look at Jrue Holiday’s No. 11, it kind of looks like flamingo legs. Which, of course, wrong bird.
  • I don’t know that much about New Orleans, but whatever the Hornets were wearing the past few seasons feels way more festive than these new looks.

All that being said, these are still not bad. They’re just plain, and it’s unfortunate they’re so barely Pelicans-y. When in doubt, bird it out.

Couple more shots after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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Comments (26)

  1. The blue just screams Grizzlies to me. Disappointing. Was really hoping they’d embrace the Pelicans, throw the logo on their, some funky colours.

    But nope, another bland jersey.

  2. these uniforms are boring… who designed these?

  3. Yup, “New Orleans” is hilariously small. The front numbers really shouldn’t overpower whatever logo is up front. And definitely needs more bird.

    I do like the font and the use of the fleur de lis. So there’s that.

  4. uniforms are so boring now. which is why im happy that the knicks are going to wear orange jumpsuits that i see people (prisinors) wearing on the side of the highway picking up trash, next year if we’re lucky.

  5. That looks bland and horrible. Another blue? Really?

  6. Seems like a lot of the new jersey designs are going for a more streamlined, clean and minimal look. Nothing to crazy like in the past. This is both good and bad.

  7. soo booooooooring.

  8. The minimalist trend in uniforms now is so boring. I’m not a big fan of the Nets either (though I know I’m in the minority). Same problem there – just too boring.

    It’s more disappointing with New Orleans, which has such a colourful, vibrant culture. It’d be nice to see that reflected in the unis.

    Boo to the small fonts and empty canvas. More of this ( please!

  9. So generic, they’re soul-less. A hugely missed opportunity.

  10. I think the jersey’s are kinda forgettable, not bad but not good. But I was hoping for a giant pelican on the front like the old hawks jersey. Here’s hoping the season after the coming one’s alternate will be like the gold wiz jersey with a giant pelican on, preferably with a fish hanging out of the beak.

    • I agree with Dave. They need to show the pelican more love. Was hoping for a cartoon pelican on the front in the style of the old Raptor jerseys.

      • If they want to be a tiny bit more subtle then i could live with pelicans diving bombing on the side instead of the lines.

    • My dudes! Since the league was using 90s jerseys this past season, I was really hoping we’d see some ridiculous jersey designs tipping a hat to the old Raptors/Rockets/Grizzlies/Hawks/Pistons classics. Hopefully, they can debut an alternate next year to make up for these bland designs.

  11. Can we talk about the fact that they chose Jason Smith to be at the unveiling????

  12. Looks exactly like Indiana and Memphis. The first Uni’s are always supposed to be bonkers too. Lame.

  13. They’re like a less exciting version of the Hawks jersey’s; didn’t think that was possible.

  14. I was hoping for some Oregon Ducks feathers. I guess they don’t have the shoulder space for it, but maybe under the armpits.

  15. New Orleans Pacers?

  16. These can be summed up as… “meh”

  17. should’ve gone for king cake colors. pretty lame. I do like the numbers though

  18. or 90s style airbrushed cartoon shirts of a pelican where the giant bill is most of the shirt.

  19. I had high hopes for the Pelis (or are we calling them the Cans for short?).

    I blame the boring ass mascot. They should have gone with The Rougarou. So silly, but cool. Who wouldn’t want a Cajun werewolf on their jersey?

  20. Are you guys being serious?

    I swear you’re never happy. Just 10 years ago, people were crying for more generic and sober jerseys and mocking the Raps, Suns, Jazz and Hawks 90s jerseys for being too cartoonish, and now you’re doing the opposite?
    I’m pretty sure if they had a big cartoonish bird, people (including the same people who find those boring) would have mocked them.
    Those long-sleeved Warriors jerseys were original, but everybody just whined. Because that’s what sports fans do: bitch, moan and whine.

  21. those look awesome. can’t wait to see the 3rds

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