Remember when 75 percent of the famous people at this year’s All-Star Weekend were wearing leather sweatpants and we all collectively thought, “This truly is the apex of leather clothing and the NBA. We’ve finally reached peak leather?” Well, we were all wrong, because a) look at these “Raging Bulls Shorts” from En Noir and b) read this product description:


Nappa leather
Applique raging bull style lines
RiRi zippers
Wax coated drawstring
Custom lace tips

Maybe you can’t tell from that picture up top or using context clues, but those “Applique raging bull style lines” are the exact same as the detailing that’s been on the Chicago Bulls’ shorts since their first season in 1966. Here’s a closeup.


No Bulls logo, but these are basically Chicago Bulls leather shorts, which seems like something Carlos Boozer would really be in to. I’m not sure I’m going to drop the $1,250 to buy these — I get sweaty enough in non-leather shorts, so I have to imagine these would turn my crotch in to a rainforest — but it would be a pretty boss move to go to a Bulls game wearing leather Bulls shorts. I don’t know if you’ll automatically get courtsides, but you’ll look famous enough that it’s possible. At the very least, I bet you’ll get upsized to a commemorative stadium cup for free. Better than nothing.