Probably fake.

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  1. Off of a single bounce I’m guessing that’s pretty doable. But I’m too lazy to track down if anyone has recorded it.

  2. Totally fake. Not possible.

  3. Redbull that is all

  4. John needs to run 21.36 mph to span a full length NBA court in the approx. 3 seconds that ball was in the air

  5. Little to no momentum when he dunked. He would have to be dunking from a full sprint and not backwards for this to look a bit more believable.

  6. Yeah, well I bet he can’t jump over a moving car!

  7. THAT’S INCREDIBLE! The Wizards are going to be so good next year if he can do that on a consistent basis!

  8. Yep fake. Wall is pretty fast not that fast. Prob an Adidas commercial.

  9. The people calling out fake are cracking me up. Obvious fake is obvious.

  10. Chris Andersen would be impressed

  11. I hope he was giving Mr. Perfect royalty payments after that.

  12. It’s fake? I tried it and not once could I outrun the ball, .

  13. Fake? You guys are haters. John Wall will destroy your teams this year

  14. how can it be fake? I just watched him do it? If it’s on the internet, it’s got to be real. Who’d bother putting fake stuff on the internet?

  15. So Red Bull makes people teleport as well as give you wings now?

  16. Bryan Mullins has been doing full court alley-oops since 2007

  17. Is this fake? I really feel like it’s fake. But I don’t know.

  18. You just left me with a 2 word caption to a youtube link to sustain a three day weekend. I need more basketball jones! Pick it up, Kerby!

  19. I’m mad at TBJ. Not for any reason except that COME BACK PLEASE. Not that I don’t have a life, but I really don’t have a life.

  20. It’s easy, sign Suarez and make him wear one of those face masks every game so he cannot bite anyone, I just love it now the shoe is on the other foot, last year they were laughing at us where we were trying to hang onto Judas.

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