In the summer of 2013, Kevin Garnett and Metta World Peace both made their way to New York basketball teams. What happened next is a story fit for the funny pages. Now thanks to illustrator Brad Beatson, we get a look at Kevin & Metta’s New York Adventures.

Metta: Kevin! You made it
Kevin: Uh…


Metta: Ha, this? This is nothing! The other half is coming next week. Go inside and grab your key from Jerry.
Kevin: Jerry?
Metta: The doorman, silly. He’s the best. Top 5 dead or alive. Love him. Go!

(Kevin starts to walk inside.)

Metta: Wait. CATCH!

kevin-metta-1-2Metta: I want to hear your reaction in RT.
Kevin: RT?
Metta: Real time! Hah, C’mon Kevin. You’ve got a lot to learn buddy. Go! Jerry is waiting.(Kevin walks inside.)
kevin-metta-1-3Don The Doorman: Welcome, Mr. Garnett!
Kevin: Thanks. Uhh … I’m supposed to be looking for Jerry? He has the key to my apart–
Don The Doorman: That’s me, sir. I’m Jerry. Well, Don really, but Mr. World Peace insisted I look like a Jerry, and hasn’t stopped calling me Jerry since he arrived. Here’s your key, Mr. Garnett.
Kevin: Thanks, Don.

(The walkie talkie crackles to life.)

Metta: That’s funny. The walkie talkie must have died. Whatever. You guys start putting this stuff away. I’m going to go introduce Uncle Kevin to the pooches. That’ll cheer him up.


Metta: (knocks) Kevin, you in here, bud?

(Metta opens Kevin’s door.)


Metta: Cool, you’re here. Some of my friends want to meet you.


Metta: They love you! Aw man, Come on out and join the party. We’re just getting started but the boys really want to meet you.
Kevin: Nah man, I’m cool. Not tonight, Metta. I’m gonna turn in early.
Metta: TURN IN? We about to turn up, K-Man! Come on, don’t be a square.
Kevin: Sorry man, not tonight.

The next morning.


Metta: Ugggggghhhhhh. Morning.
Kevin: What the f— happened here last night?
Metta: Woah, take it easy baby. It. Was. Epic. Great to be back with the boys. Love that they’re gonna be staying with us. So much fun. That Tru Warier Unity. TW Fever. World Peace baby. World Peace, forever.

kevin-metta-1-9To be continued…