I’m going to make a confession here — when Blake Griffin was getting his first accolades for being funny as a deadpan kind of bro, I didn’t love it. Maybe I’m not alone in this, but it sure felt like he was getting all this buzz for doing the exact same thing over and over, like Dwight Howard with his impressions. I felt like Brooks on “The Bachelorette,” in that I just wasn’t there yet. Sorry, Des.

But now that he’s Mr. Silly with his jokes, I’m in. And this new one from Foot Locker is pretty solid. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing that classic “Wayne’s World” bit repurposed for actual endorsements? We all do. Plus, you get to see Blake Griffin max out on painted-on smiles, which is a really good thing.

So in essence, I endorse this endorsement about endorsements.