First and foremost, shoutout to you if you remember Terrico White, who once ruled the basketball internet by doing these dunk moves at a rookie photo shoot:

Second and actually probably foremost, here’s a quick rundown of similarities between White’s dunk fest and the one the NBA Vined of a new Pistons rookie doing the exact same thing at this year’s rookie photo shoot:

  • Both players are second round draft picks of the Detroit Pistons (White was 36th overall, Mitchell 37th).
  • Both players come from non-basketball powerhouse colleges (White from University of Mississippi, Mitchell from University of North Texas).
  • Both players were born on the seventh day of their birth month (White was born March 7, 1990, Mitchell was born April 7, 1992).
  • Both players’ first names start with the same letter (White with T, Mitchell also with T).
  • Both players wowed their draftmates with their dunking prowess at the rookie photo shoot (White in the second video, Mitchell in the first).
  • Mitchell is wearing No. 9 for the Pistons, White wore No. 23. Three (3) squared (2) equals nine (9).

As you can see, these two guys are basically the same person, despite a two-year age difference, different positions and different body types. Considering White has yet to play a single non-preseason minute in the NBA, we might be witnessing the pinnacle of Tony Mitchell’s basketball career. Maybe not, but the dunk writing is on the dunk wall.