You know, just two giant men with a eensy weensy bluegill, which is pretty much everyone’s first catch. And as if this wasn’t silly enough, the photo comes from Karl Malone’s wife, which means these two NBA players went fishing, caught a tiny fish and then Hall of Famer Karl Malone was like, “Come here, honey. Enes caught his first fish. Can you get a picture?” Basically the most normal thing on Earth, only it involves two giants and a therefore hilariously small fish. Good stuff.

Also, Karl Malone has been retired for nine years and STILL has bigger arms than Enes Kanter. He must work out.

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  1. Browsing through Karl’s wife’s instagram and found this. Apparently they have a slide in their livingroom/den. Weird. http://instagram.com/p/cQIjcSQSJF/

    • I’ve always had this random memory that Karl Malone had this bad ass giant log cabin with a water slide running through it, something that they showed during the lead up to the 98 finals. It’s one of those memories that’s so long ago that I wasn’t sure there was any truth to it, but now I believe! Thanks, Frank.

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