Are you ready for the most August of pseudo NBA stories, the kind of sort-of-about the NBA story that only matters when there is literally nothing else going on in the league? If so, then check out this story about Ja Rule being in jail and watching the Knicks. Yes, that Ja Rule, the one you thought 50 Cent had vanquished from the Earth.

From Complex:

Reports said you had friends up there—other celebrities that were in PC with you.
Absolutely. I was there with [former Tyco International CEO] Dennis Kozlowski, [former New York state comptroller] Alan Hevesi, Larry Salander, the art tycoon. They were all good guys. Me and Alan, he’s a Knicks fan like me, so we watched a lot of Knicks together, never missed a game. We talked politics. The election was going on while I was locked up, Obama and Romney so we would talk a lot about that. Hevesi is a Democrat so we were on the same side [Laughs].

It’s official — the Knicks are the official team of washed-up rappers, disgraced executives and corrupt politicians. It’s officially official and probably the exact kind of demographic the Knicks are aiming for. Because once these guys get out, think of how many hidden millions they have to spend on Knicks merchandise. Baller status.

Not to mention, once you’ve got that orange prison jumpsuit on, you’re just a pair of royal blue shoes away from being in full Knicks regalia. No wonder they’re so popular in there.

P.S. When was the last time you thought about Ja Rule and the way he walked, the way he moved, the way he talked? Feels very early-2000s, so I’m going to go buy some CD-Rs and throwback jerseys.

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