Once we found out that Kevin Garnett was going to be wearing No. 2 for the Nets, it was hard not to think, “That’s weird. I guess he’s not wearing No. 5 because it’s probably going to be retired for Jason Kidd at some point. And he’s the Nets’ coach now, so I guess that’s mad respect No. 5-wise.” Surely, we all had the exact same thoughts with the same syntax and everything.

And as it turns out, all of us were right. From a Beyond the Buzzer transcription of a Bleacher Report interview with a bunch of rookies about their numbers, including Mason Plumlee:

Mason Plumlee – Brooklyn Nets – 1: “I wanted 5, 5 is what I wore in college. I don’t want to spoil it, but I think [the Nets] are going to retire it [for Jason Kidd]. 21 was what I was going to wear next and then they were said KG might want 21. Then 00 was taken so I went with the next number, number 1. ”

I guess this isn’t an official proclamation regarding the Nets’ deciding to retire their coach’s jersey number, but the signs are all there. To wit:

  • Kevin Garnett, who wore No. 5 for all six of his seasons with the Celtics, is not wearing No. 5 for the Nets even though no one wore it last season and Garnett is the most accomplished/feared player on the roster.
  • Mason Plumlee, who wore No. 5 at Duke, is not wearing No. 5 for the Nets and literally said “I think [the Nets] are going to retire it [for Jason Kidd].” Even if he is just being Johnny Commonsense about this, it’s fair to assume he might have heard something considering his coach is the player in question and his team is the team doing the retiring.
  • The No. 5 hasn’t been worn by a Net since Jason Kidd was traded to Dallas in 2008. Kidd is now the coach of the Nets, mostly because of that time he was wearing No. 5 while the Nets enjoyed their most successful NBA seasons in franchise history.

So basically, if this was a geometry proof, given the givens, you’d come to the conclusion that, yes, the Nets are going to be retiring Kidd’s No. 5, which has to be the first time a coach will have his number retired while coaching the team he played for. I guess that is what happens when you are Hall of Fame player who retires from playing then becomes a head coach roughly six minutes later. Who knows when they’ll do it, but I think we can all agree that they are definitely going to do it. Thanks for ruining the surprise, Mason.