Look guys, there isn’t too much information on why Moondog went to Ashlee and Ben’s wedding over the weekend, but he definitely did. You can tell from the pictures. And from the tweet:

Rocking @HelloAshlee1 @foryourbenefit Wedding Photos as two #Cavs fans become one. Thanks for an amazing night

Just your basic Cavs wedding, wherein it looks like a totally normal wedding, only there is a giant stuffed dog there acting like your craziest friend.



For instance, you know how there’s at least one dance circle at every wedding reception, only no one really knows how to end it and everyone just ends up bouncing from side to side while there’s a huge hole in the middle that no one wants to dance in? Well, imagine if that happened but Moondog was there.


Or during the time where the newlyweds have to say hi to everyone that came — imagine if Moondog was there doing the same thing. That’s what it was like.


And like, it kind of seems that how fun a wedding will be is often determined by whether or not the groomsmen want to dance like idiots (as it is assumed that women attending a wedding are already going to be having fun, you just need the buy-in from the guys to have a real rager). Well, imagine if a professional mascot was there going nuts.


Personally, I have one friend, who at every wedding ends up so sweaty from dancing that he takes off his jacket and dress shirt and STILL sweats through his undershirt to the point where you can usually see his nipples. That’s basically what I think Moondog is doing here. Someone has to be the party starter. At least Moondog gets paid for it. Sorry, Adam.


And of course, there are always those guys who hang out on the outskirts of the reception, where things are far more calm. Moondog found ‘em.


All in all though, it looks like a great wedding. I mean, look how happy Ashlee and Ben look next to their gigantic dog friend. Having an NBA mascot on hand makes anything better. Looking through their wedding album just makes me wish I could have met Benny the Bull before my own wedding. I guess I seriously need to get to work on that time machine.

(via Ananth Pandian)