Be right back. Gotta build a real quick time machine so I can go back to 1997, forge Australian passport documents and then hang out with Luc Longley and the rest of the championship Bulls in Chicago. Can’t wait to finally meet Bill Wennington, duh, but also can’t wait to have my first Beef Wennington in almost two decades. Going to be a great trip.

(via Believe the Hype)

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  1. It looks like they just shoved a home CD player in that car

  2. in the summer of 97, i wonder how many bottles of sprite leigh ellis purchased in those 2 months

  3. I remember as a kid officially switching from Coke to Sprite as my soft drink of choice for the entire duration of this campaign. Every time I got asked if I wanted a drink, I’d order a sprite, just so I could put in another entry. I didn’t win, but I did get a lifetime supply of fillings…

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