In the summer of 2013, Kevin Garnett and Metta World Peace both made their way to New York basketball teams. What happened next is a story fit for the funny pages. Now thanks to illustrator Brad Beatson, we get a look at Kevin & Metta’s New York Adventures. Previously, A visit to the Empire State Building.

Coach Woodson: Alright y’all, we’re gonna let Metta run the defensive drills for a bit.
Metta: Thanks Coach, y’all ready?!?
Coach Woodson: So nice of you to join us, Melo and J.R.
Metta: Lateness will NOT BE TOLERATED!


Carmelo Anthony: F*** this. I’m out.

(Carmelo Anthony leaves practice.)

Metta: Game on.
Andrea Bargnani: Coach! Really, you’re gonna allow this?!


Bargnani: COACH.



kevin-metta-msg-2 kevin-metta-msg-raptor

(Migos’ “Versace” plays muffled in the background as Andrea Bargnani cowers behind Raptor Ron, who quickly morphs back in to Metta World Peace upon realizing it’s his phone that’s ringing.)

Metta: Wait! Timeout! KG Snap Chatted me! AHHH. I don’t believe it! OMG.
Metta: OMG. Haha, this is so silly. Y’all, look at Coach Kidd! KG’s got him in a headlock. Hahaha.


Metta: Guys? Hey guys, where ya going? Wait up!


JR: Let’s get the f*** outta here. Y’all feeli’ like sushi? I know this ill hib–
Metta: WAIT! I wanna come. Hibachi hibachi, tempura and sake make Metta so sloppy!


Gilbert Arenas: I haven’t been called that name in a long time…

To be continued…