One of the funniest things in NBA blog history was when the world found out that Andray Blatche was headlining something called “Lapdance Tuesdays” at Cameo in Miami. That was more than two years ago, and even though Blatche tried to brush the lapdance dirt off his shoulders by saying, “It’s not a strip club at all [...] You could go in there on any Tuesday and you would not see no strippers,” it was still hilarious.

Which is why the fact that he hosted another one last night is double hilarious. As you can see from the flier and the Cameo website, Blatche was at it again, appearing at another “Lapdance Tuesdays,” which featured absolutely zero strippers, so stop asking, OK? Sometimes you just want to not see no strippers, if you catch my drift.

Nonetheless, after “Lapdance Tuesdays” was part of a whole mess that ended up running Blatche out of Washington, which led to him having a nice season with the Nets that allowed him to stick it to the Wizards, it’s good to see that Dray Day has gone back to his roots. Sometimes you just have to remember what got you to where you are. And for Andray Blatche, who is now a semi-successful NBA player and not just the go-to NBA fat joke, that means “Lapdance Tuesdays.” Sure, it also means getting back on the late night burritos train, but that’s a risk he has to be willing to take.