By now, you probably know that the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the most storied and successful of all the NBA franchises, are going to be going YMCA mode by wearing short-sleeved jerseys for a number of games this season. And while I’m already on record as hating the idea of turning one of the league’s best looks (the gold home uniforms) — which have already been messed with once, with the creation of a white alternate that is nice but not a classic like the gold — in to a short-sleeved white t-shirt that will occasionally say “Los Lakers,” even that news is less distressing than this tidbit that Dave McMenamin dropped in to his ESPN report on the Lakers’ sleevers:

According to a league source, adidas has mocked up short-sleeve alternative jerseys for all 10 teams playing on Christmas Day.

All it takes is a quick pop over to to figure these teams out — this Christmas, we’ve got games between the Bulls and Nets, Thunder and Knicks, Heat and Lakers, Rockets and Spurs, and Clippers and Warriors. If you were trying to sell short-sleeved jerseys, putting them on every single one of this season’s most important teams during one of the league’s major events seems like a sound strategy. And considering that the Warriors and Lakers are already confirmed to be wearing the sleevers and considering that Dwight Howard is always partial to a shirt that will showcase his guns and considering that the league has pulled a day-long uniform overhaul as recently as last year, it’s pretty easy to imagine a world where you open up Christmas presents with your family, then turn on the games only to hear your uncle say, “Is everybody wearing t-shirts?” Yes Scott, they are.

Of course, just because these mockups exist, that doesn’t mean that every team is going to go through with wearing them. Though, given the facts laid out before us, I think we can all agree it wouldn’t be that surprising for such a thing to happen. So start getting ready now, just so you can be prepared for a day full of awesome basketball games played in jerseys you wish the teams weren’t wearing. This will take some getting used to. Good thing we have four months.