In honor of Allen Iverson officially announcing his retirement, someone please finally teach me this move I’ve been trying to learn since sophomore year of high school. It’s been like 15 years and I’m still convinced this move, which was the basis for a commercial plugging his second signature shoe, isn’t actually possible to do without carrying the ball. Willing to pay upwards of $5 to learn.

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  1. Certainly looks like a carry to me. Not that anyone would call it.

  2. Hand seems always to be above the equator of the ball. So, should be fine. Still makes my head spin.

  3. Christ, I loved those shoes.

  4. You just start with a spin move and flick your wrist in the opposite direction midway through… Looks easy, I will try it tonight in pickup ball.

    I don’t see how that is a carry, The spinmove if completed means that you carry the ball twice as long, and that’s usually not a carry.

    Trey, 7$ and we’re both happy?

    • the camera angle makes it near-impossible to figure out… stefan is basically right (I think), but the fine tuning is tricky:
      AI starts the (SLOW!) spin pretty low, but while he begins to spin around his pivot (left) foot, he let’s the ball bounce up high, following its motion by leaving his low position until standing almost upright (which is the ‘natural’ thing to do when spinning). but while his right foot moves to its new spot on the floor, Iverson dribbles the ball back to the exact same direction it came from – with the same hand he started the dribble with: he reaches across his stomach with his right hand to do so, all while still using the momentum to complete his initial spin move. you can basically pratice this weird move without a ball by trying to slap yourself on the left butt cheek with your right hand (across the chest and stomach, mind you) while making a spin move. the tricky part is to get the moment right when to dribble the ball back (behind your back, while turning). if you wait too long the ball will get stuck between your hand and hip, if you do it too early the ball will likely get stolen.
      notice that AI’s left hand never touches the ball during the entire move. when he changes the direction of the ball in mid-rotation, iverson quickly finishes his spin “without” the ball and then continues his dribble in the other direction, which means he’s back to where he started off from: being able to go right, using his right hand.

      kinda hard to understand from reading this I guess… but I’m pretty sure that’s what he does. it can be seen best in the very beginning of the video, from seconds 1 to 4, when you stop and play extremely quickly.
      to actually pull off the move: PRACTICE!

  5. TOTAL Ankle Breaker. Iverson had a gang of bad ass moves. LOOKS like a carry but its clean.

  6. As long as the ball doesnt go over your palm…

  7. I owe an apology to every defender I bowled into while botching a poor imitation of this move over the past 15 years; that said, I’m not ready to give up yet.

  8. does anyone know if he tried this in a nba game?

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