This is actually kind of hard to explain due to the reverse chronological order that Facebook uses, but basically, Harrison Barnes started doing these #hbquest safari hunts on his Facebook page where he’d give vague hints about where he (or one of his crew) was going and what all the Barnesheads out there would need to do to win one of his jerseys. Some girl won a jersey by outscoring Barnes’ career-high in Pop-a-Shot, another guy won a jersey by beating one of Harrison’s friends at one-on-one outdoors at a high school — you get the picture, and you can find all the details on Barnes’ Facebook page. Seems pretty cool, actually.

But of all the #hbquests, this has to be the best one:

#hbquest is on now

I am a huge comedy fan. I especially like live stand-up comedy. One of my first shows ever was seeing my favorite comic Dave Chappelle in San Francisco. Well, another favorite comic of mine is playing at a well-known San Francisco comedy club. He’s from Boston and is co-headlining a sold out show tonight. If you can figure out who he is I’m sure you can find this club.

There is also a challenge to go with this one. I lost my copy of Chappelle Season 1 when I moved to the bay. I haven’t been able to watch it since. If you bring me a copy I can keep, give it to my friend who’s waiting in the stand-by line. If you get to him first he’ll give you my jersey.

And the conclusion:

Here’s a better picture of our grand prize winner. What I didn’t get a chance to mention was that I had the pleasure of giving him his jersey personally. I also happened to have an extra ticket for the sold out show that night so I invited him in for Bill Burr, Brian Regan, and Laurie Kilmartin. Congratulations Charlie I hope you had fun tonight and thanks for bringing me that DVD. Thanks to everyone who participated in my first ever #hbquest. I can’t wait to do it again soon.

So basically, some dude who is enough of a Harrison Barnes fan to follow Harrison Barnes’ Facebook page traded his old “Chappelle’s Show” season one DVDs for an authentic Harrison Barnes jersey and a night of watching three super excellent standup comedians with an authentic Harrison Barnes. Considering the fact that on Amazon those very DVDs go for $3.88 if new and literally $0.01 if buying used, this might be one of the greatest trades in the history of swapping, rivaling that time your dad “bought” a car from your uncle for a dollar because it was just sitting there and someone should drive it. That is a trade you have to make. Even Bill Simmons agrees. He ran it through the Trade Machine and it works.

But now the only real question is this — is it nerdy to wear your Harrison Barnes jersey to a comedy show you’re at with Harrison Barnes? It seems worse than wearing a band t-shirt to their concert, but I’d like to hear an official ruling.

(via Reddit)