Tracy McGrady tweeted those posters you see up there, thanking the most notable stops of his NBA career. It was a very nice thing to do. But he also forgot the other four teams he played for, which is too bad for those cities since they were a part of the Tracy McGrady experience too.

So to make things fair, I whipped up a few Tracy McGrady posters in Photoshop, thanking each of the cities where T-Mac showed up for a season before moving somewhere else for a season. I think you’ll agree that these cover all the non-Chinese Basketball Association bases.


tmac-thank-you-detroit tmac-thank-you-atl tmac-thank-you-sa

Thank you @HarrisDesign1 for the inspiration for my design work.

(via BDL)

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  1. You shouldn’t be able to make those posters without his consent. These aren’t real posters he authenticated so no one should take these seriously. Also putting in words he officially did not say is disgusting Man! I’m sure he has his reasons why he left those teams out.

  2. Oh man. The font selection and use of glowing white on the text… nailed it. Looks like Harris Design has some competition.

  3. I don’t like that he made those 3 posters. He’s like a semi-driver with families in three different cities telling each wife that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Then NY, DET, ATL, and SAS are the girlfriends he never told anybody about. Disgusting.

    • You’re just jealous of your imaginary trucker…
      T-Mac is saying “you’re beautiful” to his 3 NBA wives, not “you’re the most beautiful”… He didn’t mention one-night stands, big whoop.

  4. From not that much time ago i’ve noticed that TBJ is hating on T-Mac , maybe because he’s an ex-Raptors player or because a year ago he made a “rude” comment about Greece (this is just for Tas, i know nobody else gives a shit about Greece).Make fun of him , but he will be remembered as one of the biggest and memorable SG/SF the NBA has ever produced.

  5. It is really nice to see the poster you made. Just wondering why not also make a poster which he played for Chinese league. He had great stats in China, he was still a superstar in China. I miss the time T-mac in NBA, after Roy and T-MAC, there are no superstar shooting guard in the league except Kobe. However, I guess the only thing that stops him to be the great is not injuries, but attitude.
    As a international student, excuse my grammar

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