Ever since I moved to Canada, I’ve become fascinated with the UFC to the point where I’m watching all the events and can usually distinguish one guy’s tattoos from another. It’s fun, and when I realized that last night’s UFC Fight Night was in Indianapolis, I said, “Roy Hibbert should be there. He loves MMA.” Lo and behold, there he is, the huge guy in the plaid shirt who keeps messing with his phone in the background of the Takeya Mizugaki-Erik Perez fight.

Funnily enough, that phone came in handy, because Roy Hibbert was blowing up the internet with all kinds of UFC stuff. For instance, this:

Or making people who look big when watching a UFC event, like referee Herb Dean, seem like they are a child: roy-hibbert-herb-dean And then doing the same with UFC president Dana White: roy-hibbert-dana-white Oh, and if you think Roy Hibbert was being rude by sitting in the front row while being 7-foot-2, don’t fret because even he realizes where he was at is ridiculous.

But that didn’t stop Roy Boy from enjoying himself once Carlos Condit started destroying Martin Kampmann.

All in all, looks like a pretty chill night for a guy I have to assume is literally one of the UFC’s biggest fans. Good thing he had that phone with him.