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After three years, TBJ says goodbye. For now.

Roy Hibbert had a good time at last night's UFC event

When Roy Hibbert goes out, he takes a phone. That's good news for us.

Video: The Laker Bros won LA Weekly's Meme of the Year and made a thank you video

The best bros in the game are still the best.

Kevin & Metta's New York Adventures: Adam's Bar Mitzvah/Femme Fatale

In the final installment of our summer comic series, Kevin Garnett and Metta World Peace have a falling out.

Months-old NBA trade renders Wale sports reference useless

Sometimes sports raps get messed up.

Remembering Bill Russell's role in the March on Washington

Justin Tinsley on Bill Russell's presence at Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech."

Video: DeAndre Jordan takes a slow-mo punch to the face

Should have been easy to duck.

The thank you posters Tracy McGrady forgot to make

Tracy McGrady played basketball for a lot of teams. Now he's thanked them all.

A fan traded some old DVDs for a night of standup comedy with Harrison Barnes and a jersey

One of the coolest uses of social media yet, plus some great comics.

Video: Probably the strangest NBA-themed music video you'll ever see

If you love the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, or slow-mo closeups of faces in agony, this is the video for you.

Video: Mike Miller doing Zumba

Just a broken down old man doing Zumba, no big deal.

Kobe Bryant wants your best Vines, but nothing cat-related

Kobe Bryant has very specific requests for his potential Vine account.

Video: NBA rookies pick their theme songs

If you like terrible singing, you'll love this video.

The Pick-and-Pop: Tracy McGrady's NBA career in 25 YouTube clips

Andrew Unterberger gives us a tour through Tracy McGrady's NBA life.