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My name is Megan Wilson and I'm the fashion critic and style maven for The Basketball Jones. I'm a freelance fashion stylist and personal shopper as well as a member of The Score's dysfunctional newsroom family. I'm the girl who TwitPics athletes in street clothes, rants on shoe colourways via Twitter and tries to convince athletes and regular joes that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put into it everyday. I'm not here to be mean or vindictive, but merely to educate, entertain and perhaps, even enlighten.

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To say that the Portland Trail Blazers have a die-hard fan base is a bit of an understatement. Their rabid fans make the Rose Garden a destination arena and they treat their players like family, supporting them through ups, downs and endless knee surgeries. And, as you probably know, those fans go crazy each and every time a Blazer hits a three, with fans and players alike throwing up “Three Goggles.”

What started as an inside joke between Rudy Fernandez and Patty Mills has now blossomed in to a full-force movement in Portland as the Three Goggles have inspired copycats, t-shirts, marriage proposals and now finally, a pair of actual glasses. Last night at the Rose Garden’s store, fans were able to buy their own pair of Three Goggles for an appropriately priced $3.

The glasses are a hit. Earlier in the day, a few of the Blazers modeled them at a bowling event. Wesley Matthews traded in his dark shooting glasses for a pair and Patty Mills wore the infamous eyewear as well, accessorizing with a fan’s dog. Even former Celtic turned broadcaster Cedric Maxwell got into the goggle zone.

While the eyewear may not be practical or fashionable, this is a fun gimmick that Blazers’ fans are snatching up. Not to mention, it also allows for hands-free goggling, because who wants to put down their beer every time the team sinks a three? Furthermore, the Blazers’ marketing department also jumped on the goggle-mania by promoting a “Three Goggles Ticket Package” that includes two tickets to three games, two pairs of the glasses and a Rudy Fernandez or Patty Mills replica jersey.

The tickets are available online, but unfortunately the glasses can only be purchased at the Rose Garden. Perhaps a few pairs will hit eBay along with a three goggles-sporting Wesley Matthews bobblehead, but we’ll have to wait and see. (Unfortunately, the bobblehead may have jinxed Matthews against the Celtics. The second-year guard struggled. going 4 for 15 and had only 2 baskets from beyond the arc.) The only thing missing on the glasses is that they’re not rose-coloured.

Of course, what would really benefit the Blazers fans is if they were X-ray specs. It seems like the Blazers could use some easy access medical equipment.

An NBA championship ring is a symbol for an entire season of hard work and the ring ceremonies are reminders of how many men needed to take a team to the top. No team knows this better than the Lakers, whose 2009-10 championship ring is adorned with three carats worth of franchise history and facts. Even if you’re not a fan of the Lake Show, the rings and the melee they created at Staples Center were a sight to behold. But unless you were the lucky guy who won Ron Artest’s ring raffle, you’re probably ringless.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own version of NBA history. Yes, you can buy your own piece of Lakers history for only $8.99 on eBay! Straight from China comes this ridiculous replica version of the 2009-2010 Lakers championship ring. It only comes in size 10 (sorry, ladies), but from a distance it’s not a terrible copy of the ring that RonRon let get away.

Detail wise, the “diamonds” are glass and the ring itself is made of brass alloy instead of gold. There are sixteen “diamonds” around the Lakers basketball, representing the sixteen franchise titles, just like on the real thing. However, there is no 3D bust of a player on the side — replaced by some squiggly lines — and there’s no piece of the game seven ball inside the ring. But the few details that are there are statistically accurate and it won’t cost you $500,000 or a criminal charge for breaking and entering into Phil Jackson’s house. Plus, everything on the ring is spelled correctly. Bonus.

I can’t recommend wearing the ring every day as piece of jewelry, not just because jewelry on men can look awkward but because this thing is the size of a small paperweight. That being said, think of the possibilities of using it for a costume or prank piece. You could dress up as Kobe, wearing a ring on each finger, and go to a Heat game screaming “I’m the champ!” while smacking around fans in LeBron James jerseys. Or you could just mail one to LeBron as a belated birthday gift. We all know he doesn’t have his own yet.

There are so many things to do with a fake championship ring. The options, my fellow basketball nerds, are endless. So get your own on eBay. When you do, please send us a picture. Certain things are just too audacious and outlandish to keep secret.

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Basketball, more than any other professional sport, is synonymous with style. Michael Jordan changed the way we look at athlete’s shoes and the Fab Five of Michigan ushered in a whole new attitude on the court. Sneaker culture, streetwear and rap helped basketball transcende into urban and youth culture like no other sport could. Most of us can’t walk around with Allen Iverson’s gravitas or shoot like Jesus Shuttlesworth, so we collect their shoes and jerseys. No brands really focus on sportswear clothing that is specifically geared towards the NBA head like TBJ favorite UNDRCRWN.

Blending sports and hip hop with fun graphics and casual apparel has led UNDRCRWN to not only their own successful collections but collaborations with major names like adidas, Starter, Rockport, Mos Def. Recently, I was in New York City and caught up with UNDRCRWN founder, creative director and head designer, Dustin Canalin and the rest of the small but mighty UNDRCRWN crew in their SoHo office. We talked about everything from brand building to designing for the NBA’s most high profile sneakerhead, Gilbert Arenas, to the state of the NBA and why Kevin Garnett yelled at him.

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A good, well-maintained beard is hard to find in the NBA these days, as very few players are dedicated to growing full facial hair. Back in the 70′s, a luscious beard was a badge of well-groomed honor. Now, some players could be mistaken for vagrants or Jay Electronica with their lack of manscaping. And while there is one player — Baron Davis — who’s made his beard not just an accessory but his brand, there’s a new beard on the block that is challenging Boom’s scruffy supremacy.

At only twenty-one and in his second year in the league, James Harden’s grown man beard has quickly become his calling card. When the Oklahoma City Thunder came through Toronto, I asked him what it means to dethrone another Los Angeles guy for the honor of the NBA’s most valuable beard, as well as a few questions about his own rigorous grooming routine.

Oh, and for the record, Harden is certain his beard would beat Baron’s beard in a fight. Bring it on.

Fly School teaches you how to dress like your favorite NBA player without the NBA paycheck.

When LeBron James and Chris Bosh took their talents to South Beach in the off-season, the biggest question was how will all these All-Star egos on the new look Heat gel? Will Dwyane Wade still be “the guy” and the face of the franchise? Before Scott Raab was ushered away from the Heat, he spoke to the baller formally known as Flash for Esquire to get the inside scoop.

Wade comes off as very honest and sure of who he is. He admits he’d like to come back as a trust fund kid with a free ride and that his lack of tattoos comes from a stern upbringing from his father. Also: he has no idea why his name is misspelled. He’s named after his father, Dwyane Sr., apparently his grandmother thought that was how Dwayne was spelled.

As for the outfits that Wade sports for the piece, I don’t have any complaints. The clothes are perfectly tailored, classic but still modern. Shawl cardigans are a very trendy item right now for men, from Matt Barnes’ clothing line ELUSION’s version to the high end Louis Vuitton on Wade. The Gucci double breasted peacoat is luxurious and in the must have neutral for this season — camel. However the price tag is out of reach at almost $4000. Camel can be difficult for some skin tones to wear, so stick to grey or navy. The rose gold watch Dwyane sports is also very popular, seen on everyone from Jay-Z to Victoria Beckham. Rose gold looks best on tan or dark skin as it can wash out pale skin. However, at over $30,000 it’s not even close affordable.

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Gone are the days of athletes just playing their sport. They endorse products, design clothes, sell real estate, promote parties — diversity is key to success on and off the court. Matt Barnes may not seem like the modern athlete at first glance — a tough, hard-nosed complementary player who knows his role.

However, Barnes’ philanthropic endeavors has led him to the seemingly unlikely field of fashion design. Barnes is a co-owner of and investor in Elusion Clothing, a streetwear brand based out of Cleveland, Ohio. The Basketball Jones’ Megan Wilson recently spoke with Elusion’s creator and head designer, Danita Davis on what it takes to build and maintain a clothing brand today and how Barnes’ is a model, muse and collaborator.

Megan Wilson: How did Elusion Clothing start?

Danita Davis: Elusion was an idea of mine early on in college. I made it my goal to launch the brand. I was in college majoring in Computer Info Tech, bored out of my mind in classes. Fashion was always my love. I started the brand after studying fashion for five years … learning anything and everything possible about fashion, from designing to labeling to retail.

In 2006, I got very sick. My fiance [then boyfriend] held all of the bills down along with my brother while I launched Elusion. I had $250 left in my bank account when I started; that $250 bought me a couple of shirts that I gave to friends of mine. From there, the brand took off. I was also three months pregnant then with my son, Darrian.

MW: Where’d you come with the name Elusion?

DD: The name Elusion is a name my friends and I came up with in college. Elevating Life’s Unique Styles Instead Of Negating: E.L.U.S.I.O.N. My definition of that is to appreciate all styles of clothing, all types. When I launched Elusion, I wanted to create a brand that any type of man could wear and appreciate.

MW: How did you get involved with Matt Barnes?

DD: I chose to get involved with Matt after a friend told me about what he was doing for cancer research. At the time I was promoting a shirt we had made for a friend of mine who suffered from cancer in the throat. Matt had just launched his foundation at that time. Matt lost his mom to cancer a few years ago. I was already a big fan of him on the court, so I reached out to do my part to support. I sent him 100 shirts for the golfers and participants. He called me after the event, which blew me away. He inquired about the brand. I mentioned ownership to him and he was willing to help us. Since then, we’ve been close. He’s like my brother now.

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Dwyane Wade punctuates his flashy game with a flamboyant wardrobe. His penchant for bellhop inspired coats and Michael Jackson-style jackets means that his regular game night attire wouldn’t be out of place at a costume party, but for Halloween D-Wade went way beyond.

He became his “alter ego” – a Justin Timberlake look-alike. But instead of wearing a pair of Timberlake’s William Rast brand jeans, singing in a high pitch and having his arm around Jessica Biel (and possibly Olivia Munn), Wade went the extra mile.

He hired a professional makeup artist, Yessica Andrea Inc., to turn him white.

A weird, chalky white.

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