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Tas co-founded The Basketball Jones and is a contributing personality at The Score. After getting a degree in the media field, he ran around getting coffee for people in the Canadian broadcasting industry at CBC, Odyssey TV and TSN. Tas enjoys John Legend, performing the wave, and the movie, Scent of a Woman.

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Ep. 963: Donkey Kick

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Kobe’s historic night, Steve Blake’s timely offensive rebounds, Gasol-to-Dwight oops, Damian Lillard’s 38, the Nuggets setting some franchise records, JaVale McGee’s block, post-All-Star Deron Williams, Avery Bradley’s foul trouble, and rest and recovery vs. rampin’ up for the playoffs.

All that, plus the Sex Warriors, donkey basketball, and another round of NBA Hedbanz.


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We’re still a bit bored.

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, The Basketball Jones go through more of your good ideas on the final [BLANK] Jones of the season. Is fighting a necessary part of being a man? What’s the line between being a practical joker and being a dick? Which qualities should you look for in a roommate? All that, plus INXS, dumpster diving, magazine subscriptions, and the important differences between “Face/Off” and “Freaky Friday.”


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Join The Jones on the sonic journey that is The Overdose Olympics!

On today’s show, TBJ recaps the third day of the men’s Olympic basketball in London, England. Topics include: the American’s record shattering game, Great Britain’s near-upset of Spain, Russia’s game-winning “scissor kick”, and the hard-charging heroics of Australia’s Patty Mills.

All that, plus North Korean propaganda, Counting Crows, Phelps-Lochte beef, one-night stands, and an explanation of how jeans ended the Cold War.

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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Nets rookie forward Dennis Horner looks a lot like Chris Rene, the guy who finished third in Simon Cowell’s “X Factor.” That is the point of this post — nothing more, nothing less.

I’m just so proud of myself for seeing the connection.

I’ve never really been in to the games that come before the 82-game sked, but these past few days have really shown me what I’ve been missing. Yeah, it could simply be a case of “even Tim Horton’s coffee is good when you need some caffeine” — it was a long offseason, we’ve all been jonesin’ for a while — but seriously, there’s some good stuff here.

Check the list of reasons:

  • With each team only playing two preseason games instead of the usual eight, most of the big names are actually on the floor.
  • The “Cliche Drinking Game.” Every time a broadcaster says any variation of the following, one must take a drink: Lost weight, gained muscle, working on “X” part of his game, rusty, finding his legs, getting acquainted with his new teammates, really worked hard in the offseason.
  • Finding out who the real wives/girlfriends are. Attending a preseason game? That is love.

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Chauncey Billups, by all accounts, is a pretty decent fellow. He might hoist up a few too many unsolicited 3-balls, but you know the saying, when in New York…

I open with that thought because he came off like a pretty big dolt recently when he warned the league that he wanted to pick his next team, and that no one should bother bidding on his services. He had just been amnestied — joining the likes of Gilbert Arenas and Charlie Bell — so, I can understand his frustration. But now he has a golden opportunity that he should be itching to take: the Los Angeles Clippers have won the auction for his services.

Yes, the Clippers are a golden opportunity. Sure, it may have been nice for Chauncey to hand the ball to the likes of Dwyane Wade and register an assist he probably didn’t deserve — as he would if he could join the Miami Heat — but the Clippers are honestly something quite unique. And not in the old Clipper way.

It starts, obviously, with Blake Griffin. This summer, he kept tabs on his teammates and even hosted a week long camp for them in Los Angeles. Yes, the Clippers were putting in extra work. I know, these tales are what sports movies are made of, but can anyone possibly question anything Blake Griffin does? He came in to the league last season and made the All-Star team, went for 22, 12 and 4, was second in total free throws attempted, fifth in total minutes played, and sixth in total rebound percentage. Rookies don’t do those things, Hall of Famers do.

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Yes, it was a pretty far-fetched idea in the first place. The Bobcats are a team coming off a 34-48 season which saw them trade their best player, Gerald Wallace, midway through for virtually nothing. This year, they plan to center their offense around Corey Maggette. Yup. Guess they’ve gotta go with something.

Either way, I’m not here to judge rosters, especially since we have no idea how things will shake down when Friday’s free agency extravaganza begins, but just a quick glance at this year’s schedule basically kills any chance for Charlotte to overachieve.

Strength of schedule aside, the Bobcats play four games in five nights a league leading 12 times, meaning 48 of their 66 games (73 percent) will be played under those tough circumstances. The average team plays four games in five nights just six times.

Last season, Charlotte was the fourth worst team on the second night of back-to-backs when compared to games following an off night. As you’d expect, they’re close to the top in the numbers of back-to-backs this season at 23 (Indiana has 24). Sorry, ‘Cats fans. Expect some lackluster play.

I love me some Kemba Walker swagger and Bismack Biyombo’s jumping abilities, but with such a short camp, I don’t see the rooks making a big mark this season. A team like Charlotte needs to outwork the opposition if they’re going to be successful, but that looks pretty hopeless when checking out the calendar.

Wonder how Michael Jordan feels about that hardline stance now.