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Tas co-founded The Basketball Jones and is a contributing personality at The Score. After getting a degree in the media field, he ran around getting coffee for people in the Canadian broadcasting industry at CBC, Odyssey TV and TSN. Tas enjoys John Legend, performing the wave, and the movie, Scent of a Woman.

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It’s all over. The tour is done. Back to wives, pets, and not having the valet bring the car out front. But before we wrap it all up in Toronto this Friday, let’s take a deeper look in to the numbers from the past 34 days.

Longest distance traveled by a fan:

Paul W. and Nicole B. — 6 hours from Vancouver, BC, to Portland, OR.

Runner-up: Colin Z — 5 hours from Dallas, TX, to San Antonio, TX.

Of the nine cities, subjective ranking in terms of how much the fans we met missed the NBA:

1) Portland 2) Oklahoma City 3) Chicago 4) New York 5) San Antonio 6) Oakland 7) Boston 8) Los Angeles 9) Miami

Number of videos produced: 17

Number of TBJ members wearing plaid at live shows (of the five regular TBJ’ers):

Chicago — 2 of 5, Portland — 1 of 5, Oakland — 4 of 5, LA — 5 of 5, OKC — 2 of 5, San Antonio — 4 of 5, Miami — 2 of 5, NYC — 1 of 5, Boston — 0 of 5. (Average: 2.37 of 5)

Total penis references made during live shows: 24

Number of days Scotch and Soda (Trey and Tas) had rooms serviced by housekeeping: 11 of 34

Number of times Mr. Saxobeat was played in Scotch and Soda’s room: 24

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Who killed the NBA season? Last Wednesday, this was a very valid question to ask, so we sent Miami’s top investigator to crack the case. In a shocking twist ending, it turns out the NBA had merely faked its own death. I guess you could say, basketball’s … *puts on sunglasses* … bouncin’ back. YEEEEAAAHHHH!

Before our Oakland show, Golden State Warriors forward Dorell Wright answered some very important questions about Disney movies, karaoke, and his celebrity crush.

Upon arriving in San Francisco, The Jones decided to do what every group of five dudes does when they get to the City by the Bay: Attempt a shot-for-shot remake of the “Full House” intro.

Scratch one thing from the Bucket List, Mr. Bear!

As Skeets and Tas loosen up before their first No Season Required Tour show, an unexpected guest pops by to inspire them.

Just like we expected, before that wave of optimism at the end of the week, David Stern canceled the final two weeks of the November schedule. That means no basketball until December and that means lots of missed games for every team in the league.

What follows is a breakdown of how many games each team is missing, plus the big matchups we’re being deprived of. Thanks a lot.

Atlanta Hawks — 13 (vs BOS, @ CHI, @ ORL, vs DAL, @ MIA)
Boston Celtics — 14 (@ ATL, @ MIA, @ ORL – vaunted FLA back to back)
Charlotte Bobcats — 15 (@ ORL, @ BOS, vs OKC, vs ORL)
Chicago Bulls — 15 (@ DAL, VS ATL, vs LAC, vs OKC, @ LAC, vs SA)
Cleveland Cavaliers — 14 (@ BOS, vs LAC, vs BOS, vs MIA, @ SA, @ DAL)
Dallas Mavericks — 16 (vs CHI, @ SA, vs OKC)
Denver Nuggets — 13 (@ LAL, vs NY, @ OKC, @LAC, vs CHI, vs DAL)
Detroit Pistons — 15 (@ LAL, vs BOS)
Golden State Warriors — 17 (vs LAL, vs SA, @ DAL, @ BOS, vs OKC)
Houston Rockets — 13 (vs LAC, vs DAL, vs SA)
Indiana Pacers — 17 (@ OKC, vs BOS, vs ORL, vs CHI)
Los Angeles Clippers — 16 (@ CHI, @ BOS, @ SA, vs CHI, vs OKC)
Los Angeles Lakers — 14 (vs OKC, vs SA, @ OKC)
Memphis Grizzlies — 14 (@ LAC, @ DAL, vs DAL, vs LAL, @ OKC, @ MIA)
Miami Heat — 13 (vs ORL, vs BOS, @ ORL)
Milwaukee Bucks — 14 (@ SA, vs BOS, vs CHI)
Minnesota Timberwolves — 15 (vs SA, @ LAL)
New Jersey Nets — 15 (vs DAL, @ MIA, @ OKC, vs SA)
New Orleans Hornets — 14 (vs CHI, @ LAL, vs MIA, @ SA, @ LAC)
New York Knicks — 15 (vs MIA, vs OKC, @ LAL, @ PHO, vs ORL)
Oklahoma City Thunder — 16 (miss four games in five nights to start season including @ LAL, @ DAL, plus @ CHI, @ SA, vs LAL, vs MEM, @ LAC over the following 25 days)
Orlando Magic — 15 (@ MIA, vs ATL, vs BOS, @ SA, VS MIA)
Philadelphia 76ers — 15 (@ ORL, @ LAC, @ MIA, @ DAL)
Phoenix Suns — 15 (vs OKC, vs LAL, vs POR, vs CHI, vs NY, vs LAC, @ DAL)
Portland Trail Blazers — 15 (@ LAC, @ PHO, vs SA, vs CHI, @ DAL)
Sacramento Kings — 16 (vs LAL, @ CHI, @ DAL, @ SA, @ LAL)
San Antonio Spurs — 15 (vs DAL, @ LAL, vs LAC, vs OKC, @ CHI)
Toronto Raptors — 14 (vs DAL, vs LAC, @ OKC, @ BOS, @ MIA, @ ORL, vs BOS)
Utah Jazz — 15 (@ MIA, @ ORL – vaunted FLA back to back – vs LAC, @ OKC, vs CHI)
Washington Wizards — 14 (vs ORL, @ MIA, @ ORL, vs CHI, @ LAL, vs BOS)

In 1999, the NBA season started exactly one month after a deal was reached, with teams squeezing 50 games in to a three month abbreviated schedule. So far only the first two weeks of this coming season have been canceled — and despite 16 hour negotiation sessions Stern and Hunter will not be shaking each other’s hands today or tomorrow — but it appears there’s no way a revamped schedule will start prior to December.

Lucky for us, there are rumors that an 82 game schedule starting December 1 exists somewhere on the computer of Matt Winick, the man who’s been plotting the NBA season for over 25 years. Some would say, “Just push the schedule back a month,” meaning we would be watching the NBA Finals in July. But as the Los Angeles Times reported, it will basically be impossible for the Staples Center to hold Finals games past the current drop dead date of June 21. As we all know, the Clippers will be the Western Conference champions, so pushing back the schedule is out.

This will likely be the case in arenas throughout the league since they were free to book anything and everything — Nick Carter, anyone? — beyond June 21. As part of the standard scheduling process, arenas are required to send the league a certain number of available dates from November to April in order for the scheduler to arrange 41 home games.

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