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Tas co-founded The Basketball Jones and is a contributing personality at The Score. After getting a degree in the media field, he ran around getting coffee for people in the Canadian broadcasting industry at CBC, Odyssey TV and TSN. Tas enjoys John Legend, performing the wave, and the movie, Scent of a Woman.

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It’s October. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, we get deep into the mysterious world of job interviews. Tas shares stories from an awkward meeting for a sexy job, JD brings his trademarked cover letter secrets, and Score Media CEO John Levy drops by with an assessment of TBJ’s first interview at the company. All that, plus Trey infiltrates Nike’s super-secret Oregon compound, Matt explains why asking too many questions can be a bad thing, and Skeets keeps us up-to-date on his vacation via Twitter. #Barcelona #fun #podcasts.


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The [BLANK] Jones: Rugby

It’s October. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, we talk about the peculiar athletic dance they call “rugby.” Is it just a bunch of guys running? What is a hooker? How was the sport accidentally invented? All that, plus tales from a 100-year old’s birthday, Trey Kerby’s mom’s favorite thing about Toronto, and which Monopoly piece Tas prefers. Yup, the cat’s finally out of the bag.


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As the lockout steamrolls towards September, it looks more and more likely that our local NBA heroes will soon be sporting jerseys of teams abroad. In the spirit of Chicago White Sox broadcaster, Ken “Hawk” Harrelson, “They gone!”

Here at TBJ, we decided to assist players so they’re not staring at their newly adopted tender like we all gaze at Lady Gaga’s videos. Here’s a list of exchange rates between US dollars and the currencies of countries which will likely be temporary homes for NBAers, plus a spending guide so they can know what their money can buy.

Brazil: 1 USD = 1.60 Brazilian Real (BRL)
Estimated cost to get a ride from this Michael Jackson singing taxi driver: 28.80 BRL (flat rate)

Canada: 1 USD = 0.98 Canadian Dollars (CAD)
Estimated cost to have Bryan Colangelo import one of his custom shirts: 279.30 Canadian dollars

China: 1 USD = 6.5 Chinese Yuan (CNY)
Estimated cost for Shawn Marion’s “Matrix” tattoo: 214.5 Yuan

Eurozone (France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain): 1 USD = 0.69 Euro (EUR)
Estimated cost to reenact the 2004 film, Eurotrip: 11,821.40 Euro

Israel: 1 USD = 3.58 Shekel (ILS)
Estimated cost of Omri Casspi morning flakes: 12.53 Shekel

Lithuania: 1 USD = 2.40 Lithuanian Litas (LTL)
Estimated cost for bottle service at Arvydas Sabonis’ Hall of Fame celebration (3 bottle min.): 1,080.00 Litas

Russia: 1 USD = 29.26 Russian Rubles (RUB)
Estimated cost for Andrei Kirilenko’s self-portrait tattoo: 52,668.00 Rubles

Turkey: 1 USD = 1.79 New Turkish Lira (TRY)
Estimated cost for dance lessons conducted by Hedo Turkoglu: 125.3 Lira

This millionaire’s pathetic attempt at a music video is on our blog because Jason Terry makes a cameo at the 3:08 mark. And you thought Rebecca Black was annoying.

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It seems every NBA player is pondering whether or not to play overseas this fall. But what about their friendly border-sharers to the north? Canada does have a basketball league. Well, one is arriving soon at least.

Here are some reasons why Canada would be a fantastic option for NBAers looking to keep their hoop skills fresh:

  • China is far.
  • Teenaged players can hit the bars instead of tweeting “I’m bored!”
  • On that note, ordering beer using the term “two-four” is a lot faster than saying “twenty four”.
  • LeBron James could actually deliver on his claim of winning multiple championships.
  • Mounties are hot.
  • Kevin Durant would probably be in the crowd because he really loves basketball.
  • Understanding the language would be simple, although the spelling is colourful.
  • Free healthcare.
  • Trey Kerby will soon be a Canadian.
  • The Canadian dollar is mighty strong right now and the Monopoly money is quite easy to decipher.

Best TV series of the last two months: HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Best NBA player of the last two months: the Mavs’ Dirk Nowitzki. And, now we’ve found a way to bring them together.


Modern medicine, look what you’ve done to the true warriors of our time. 17 months after Manu Ginobili was heralded for suavely swatting a bat out of mid-air during a Kings visit to San Antonio, he wanted no part of the exact same opportunity last night. Manu cited the eight rabies shots he had to take as the reason he gave this larger creature the “Mutombo finger wag”. And, apparently, it didn’t even die this time. Pfft.

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