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Trey Kerby is the editor of The Basketball Jones and the newest member of the team. He's also the only non-Canadian. In the past, he's been the bro behind The Blowtorch and was editor of Yahoo! Sports' Ball Don't Lie. He likes pizza more than anyone else likes anything.

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Oh, I get it — Lapdance Tuesday is today, so Make It Rain Monday was last night. The Wizards have more theme days than a high school homecoming week.

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I’m kind of scared to see the video when someone breaks the news to Dirk that the Mavericks missed out on Dwight Howard again and that they’ll be starting Monta Ellis next year. “Oh, I guess it’s game day … again … sigh,” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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Because it’s August and nothing is happening in the NBA, NBATV Canada has been playing a whole bunch of old Chicago Bulls games, which came in handy when my wife flew home for a quick family visit and I was left with a weekend of time to fill. And while I’ve seen such legendary games like Game 1 of the 1992 Finals or Game 6 of the 1998 Finals what feels like a million times, I’m pretty sure I hadn’t watched such lesser known gems like Game 6 of the 1992 Eastern Conference finals and Game 1 of the 1993 Finals in 20 years.

It’s from the latter of those two games, Game 1 of the 1993 NBA Finals, that the following story comes from, via ESPN’s Page 2 from a million blog years ago:

[Robin] Ficker speaks from experience. He once irked then-Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson by reading out loud from Jackson’s basketball memoir, “Maverick.” During a game. While sitting behind the Chicago bench.

“Jackson said he was going to have the referees come over if I kept reading,” Ficker said. “What got him so upset, I don’t know. If he didn’t want to hear passages from the book, he shouldn’t have written it.”

At the request of Charles Barkley, Ficker even traveled to the 1993 NBA Finals in Phoenix, where he razzed Michael Jordan about a series of gambling allegations.

“Barkley got me a seat behind the Bulls bench, so I brought these huge playing cards, dice and a bunch of dollar bills,” Ficker said. “During the game, I’m dealing [Jordan] a hand and asking him what he wants to bet. And he’s turning around and holding up three fingers. It was fun.”

The best part, which isn’t mentioned in the Page 2 article, is that Ficker was ejected from Game 1 of the Finals so quickly that NBC already had footage of him being talked to and escorted from his seats by stadium officials midway through the first quarter. That is some serious heckling, if you screaming so much that you can’t even last 12 minutes of game action before you’ve angered someone so much that they insist on your removal.

But when you hear this quick description of Ficker, via USA Today by way of the DC Sports Bog, you’ll believe it.

“Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls threw a basketball at him. Isiah Thomas of the Detroit Pistons threw a shoe. The Golden State Warriors, en masse, doused him with Gatorade. Former Utah coach Frank Layden spit on him.”

Yep, that’s the guy Charles Barkley decided to give an all-expense-paid trip to Phoenix to show up at Game 1 of the Finals and yell like crazy, which he did before being promptly kicked out for doing so. Oh, and the Suns lost that game too. Money well spent.

Tracy McGrady is retiring after 15 NBA seasons, one Chinese Basketball Association season — where McGrady may return in the future — and a pretty sizable “Career highlights and awards” section on Wikipedia. It was a good, slightly sleepy run.

And while many people will remember Tracy for never winning a playoff series when he mattered as a player, his 13 points in 35 seconds or for being Vince Carter’s kinda sorta cousin (but only when they were playing together, since it never gets brought up these days because no one cares and it seemed to be a tenuous connection in the first place), I’m going to choose to think of him as the all-time best at throwing the ball off the glass to himself for a dunk. Anyone can do it in an All-Star Game, but T-Mac did it in real basketball games. That’s awesome and it’s the kind of thing I’m going to tell my kids.

So the next time you see someone throw themselves an off-the-glass self-oop in a real game, just remember Tracy McGrady. For my money, that’s his greatest legacy.

I before E, except after C, or when getting a tattoo and putting it on Instagram for everyone to see.

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In the summer of 2013, Kevin Garnett and Metta World Peace both made their way to New York basketball teams. What happened next is a story fit for the funny pages. Now thanks to illustrator Brad Beatson, we get a look at Kevin & Metta’s New York Adventures. Previously, the bros go to Andray Blatche’s birthday party.


Zen Master: Metta, come in here.
Metta: What’s up, coach?
Zen Master: Are you trying to be funny? I’m not going to tell you this again, you have to replace the teepee.
Metta: Well jeez, you went through all that trouble of making a sign and didn’t say anythi–
Zen Master: Metta. The teepee. Now.
Metta: SHEESH alright, I’m on it.

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Do you guys remember Jeremy Lin? I sure do. That was an unbelievable month he had before completely vanishing from the NBA landscape, never to be heard from again.

What’s that? He’s on the Rockets? Oh, that’s right. Totally forgot. Cute kid though.

In theaters October 4.

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