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Yesterday, following the debut of the EA Sports version of the Nike Zoom KD III, I had a chance to talk to Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant in Santa Monica, CA. He talked about all the important things — playing basketball against rappers, shooting in the three-point contest and which actress should win an Oscar.


Trey Kerby: We’re in California this weekend. So the big question is — Are you finally going to take on Lil B?

Kevin Durant: Lil B’s scared of me. (laughs)

TK: Yeah? I can’t imagine he’d want to step to you. Anyway, it’s your first time starting the All-Star Game. What does it mean to you to be voted in by the fans?

KD: It means a lot, man. It just means that as a player, people are starting to recognize how hard I work and what I do on the floor and also how I carry myself off the floor. It just means a lot. I really appreciate everybody voting for me. It’s a dream come true.

TK: There are a lot of guys playing in the game this year from this summer’s Team USA. Do you think playing together was big for all you guys’ growth? I mean, between you and Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose and Kevin Love, you’re all playing excellent basketball this year. It’s pretty impressive.

KD: Once you put that team together, people kind of pushed us to the side. But now we’ve got four All-Stars that came from the 2010 World Championship team. So that says a lot. I’m very happy for all the guys that made it — Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, Russell.

TK: Lamar Odom’s had a great season.

KD: Yeah, we’re just playing good basketball. We’re all playing great. I think playing for USA basketball kind of pushed our confidence to the next level. Maybe upped our work ethic as well, just pushing us a little bit more.

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“Suite Talk” moves poolside, as Skeets and Tastradumas predict the outcome of every meaningful All-Star event this weekend. Why is Justin Bieber a lock to win Celebrity Game MVP honors? Which roster is more talented: the Rookies or Sophomores? Does anyone have a chance in hell of upsetting Blake Griffin in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest? And will fresh blood want that All-Star Game MVP, or is it Kobe’s to lose at home?

Watch to find out, and then leave your predictions below in the comments for a chance to win some swag. (Seriously. Free t-shirt to whoever calls the most winners/MVPs. Good luck, everyone.)

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Anyone can earn a trip to the All-Star Game via on-court play. Every year, a handful of schlemiels are gonna put up 20 and 10, or shoot a 50/40/90, or be the unquestioned leader of a 40-15 team. Yeah, whatever. Last time I checked, this wasn’t called the All-Pretty-Good-Basketball-Player Game. This is the All-Star Game. And being a Star consists of a whole lot more than merely putting up stats and contributing to team wins. To be a star, you need to have your face and name out there, to be witnessed daily by millions who might not watch your team play a game all year, to build a brand unto yourself. You need to shill for product.

So who earned themselves a ticket to California this year based on their ability to smile for the cameras? Well, unsurprisingly, most of the players who got in the boring, old-fashioned way — big business doesn’t exactly tend to empty the bench when picking its spokespeople. But there are some lineup discrepancies, including a couple players who arguably got snubbed the first time around.

Take a look at how the game now breaks down …

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“Live” from a Marriott Downtown hotel room in beautiful L.A., Skeets and Tas weigh in on Bosh’s return to Toronto, those new ‘Melo-to-the-Nets trade rumors, the Cavs’ revenge game, and what movie not to watch if you’re stuck in the middle seat on a long flight. Enjoy our deliriousness, comment away, be back soon.

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The last time the All-Star Game was in Los Angeles, Brad Miller led the Western Conference to a 136-132 victory. This year, we hope to bring you some of that same goofy, awkward flavor. Wish us luck.

As such, today’s going to be pretty slow. I’m traveling out to El Lay and the other TBJ bros are shooting things. (With cameras, not guns.) That means no show, very few posts and a general lack of content for the entirety of Thursday. Sorry, but it’ll be worth it because we’ll have lots of stuff throughout the weekend. Videos, posts, basically anything that’s great.

Nonetheless, because we’re nerds, we’ll be around the Internet. Feel free to follow me, Skeets, Tas, Matt and JD on Twitter, where we’ll at least be doing stuff like taking pictures of Lamar Odom’s All-Star banner. Plus, if you keep track of our Facebook page, we’ll have little quickie videos over there. So, no “official” content tomorrow, but still lots of stuff. Capisce? Hope so.

And then, don’t forget, Friday we kick off our coverage of the 2011 NBA All-Star Game. It’ll be the biggest, best, Brad Milleriest midseason classic yet.

P.S. Happy birthday, Michael Jordan!

You’ve already seen the All-Star Game shoes of Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and Kevin Garnett, so now here’s your opportunity to peep the crown jewels of hoops feet — Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. What you’ve got here are the red Nike Zoom Kobe VI  and the blue Nike LeBron 8 V/2. Guess which shoe belongs to which player.

Since these are for the All-Star Game, they’re super bright, which is basically a given. The other real cool thing about both of these is that the tongue is made from a reflective material, and when you move it back and forth, the logo morphs from each player’s signature logo to their conference’s logo. That little feature is included on Kevin Durant’s shoe as well, and it’s a nice little touch. Makes it just a bit special for the game.

The shoes will have a limited release tomorrow with the Kobes retailing for $135 and the LeBrons running you a cool $165. Pricey, but you have to pay for exclusivity. At least that’s what my timeshare company told me.

Personally, I like the LeBrons. The blue looks really intense, and because it’s such a big shoe the All-Star Game details really pop. Hit the jump for a few more pictures, including the morphing tongue. Head over to Nice Kicks for a bunch of very detailed pictures. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Valentine’s Day got you feeling a little light in the pocket? Saving up for Spring Break? Need money to add to your collection of vintage rags? Don’t worry, there’s a solution.

And not only is it a solution, basketball fan, it’s the best kind of solution — one with perks. The perks are almost as good as the gig, if you can even believe that. Oh, and we’re not talking health insurance. We’re talking chill insurance, which makes sure you’re chillin’ at all times. Peep this Craigslist ad.

NBA on TNT casting background extras for its NBA All Star Special in Hollywood NEXT Thursday, February 17th. Celebrity guest will be on hand for this show. This is a paid casting of $50 cash paid at the end of the taping. Taping is from 5pm-11pm.

Some people will be selected to be on camera for interviews. You MUST be 21 and over to apply.

Yes, that’s right — you could star as an extra in the background of an “Inside the NBA,” complete with Ernie, Kenny, the Chuckster and a celebrity guest who is probably on the level of a guy like Bow Wow. Best job in the world? Maybe.

Not to mention, if you’re wacky enough, you might be tabbed to appear on-screen for an interview. In Los Angeles. On a national television network that is broadcasting to millions and millions of people. Basically, this is your big chance. This is your Ruben Studdard moment.

Don’t miss out. Apply now.

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